What is user has Notifications silenced iMessage in iPhone 13/ iOS 15 ?

It is the latest iPhone operating system from Apple, and it has a slew of new features. iOS 15 is the latest iPhone operating system from Apple. However, many users are reporting that they have received a new message on the messaging app. When you attempt to send a message to a friend, you will be greeted with the message “User has notifications hushed Notification” Notification.

Many iPhone 13 Pro/ 12,8 Plus users are seeing fresh message notifications when sending or receiving iMessages on their iPhone, despite the fact that they have notifications turned off. The message is not included in the message sent or received, but a line is added by the system to indicate that the contact has muted the notice. iPhone users, on the other hand, are perplexed as to what it means when someone’s alerts are turned off with iOS 15.

In iPhone, if you have switched ON the Focus settings, the notifications silent iPhone messages are shown to your contacts in the message list. In other words, if you are seeing the message “Notification quiet” on your iPhone, it is because another user has enabled Focus settings and turned off notification. It just informs folks that your whole iPhone is set to Do Not Disturb, and that they may read the messages. The message is typically delivered to anybody who has an iPhone when the feature is turned on.

How to turn off User has notifications silenced iOS 15: iPhone 13/12 Pro max, iPad, iPhone XS,8,7 Plus

What is user has Notifications silenced iMessage in iPhone 13/ iOS 15 ?

Alternately, if you do not want your contact to receive the “Notification Silenced” notification, you may go to Settings > Focus Status and toggle the option to Share Focus Status off. This will prevent your contact from seeing the notice. It is absolutely necessary to customise the alerts that are sent to your contacts whenever you text them when your phone is on vibrate or silent mode. At the very least, the issue has been fixed for me as a result of that.

  • Go to  Privacy > Focus> and turn the Messages on, off, on, and off.
  • Go To Settings-> Focus -> DND-> Check Allowed Notification settings.
What is user has Notifications silenced iMessage in iPhone 13/ iOS 15 ?

How to fix Unable to disable Focus settings :

If you are unable to switch off or deactivate the Focus settings, please try the following potential solution for the problem:

If you wish to turn off the “has notifications silenced” notice in iOS 15 on your iPhone, first make sure that Focus is turned off. Please keep in mind that it has to be switched off on all devices that are connected to the same Apple ID. No matter which of your devices has focus sharing enabled, all of your devices with the same Apple ID will be quiet with the same DND. You must verify every device that has your Apple ID enabled and ensure that every focus has been turned off on each device. Apple Watch, as well as your iPhone and iMac are all covered under this policy.

Also, if you have switched off the Focus option but the Notification Silenced message is still shown, it is possible that a bug in the Focus settings is to blame for this. Please toggle the focus setting by first turning it on and then turning it off and then back on.

Focus settings are complicated for many iPhone users, and if you are not familiar with how to use them, we recommend that you do not set up the focus option. If you must set up the focus option for alarm purposes, we recommend that you do not share it across all devices or share it with the messaging app.

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