What is app spotlight on Android & How to Use It?

The spotlight function comes in handy in a variety of situations. It saves time and effort while searching for applications or carrying out other operations on the go. What app spotlight on Android is and how to utilise it will be covered in detail in this article. It’s also one of the most eagerly anticipated tools out there.

At first, it was exclusively accessible on iOS devices, but subsequently, Google made the spotlight function available on Android smartphones as well. However, the app spotlight on Android is inferior to the App spotlight on iOS, and the Google spotlight function, when looking for certain settings, returns search history or search results, which is not ideal. As a result, we’re going to be employing an extra app in this article called app search+. It is available for download for free from the Google Play Store.

What is the Spotlight app?

Spotlight is a search utility app that provides many functionalities such as search function, calculator, and app insights. It also provides functions such as currency conversion, web search, etc. It is the handiest tool in smartphones.

Spotlight is referred to as Google in Android, while Spotlight is referred to as Spotlight itself on iPhone. When it comes to doing tasks, Google depends on the Google Assistant. You may even utilise the spotlight to aid you by acting as an assistant.

Spotlight app functions

Spotlight app has many features below are some of the most used features.

Search with Spotlight

The search tool of the app is the most often utilised feature of the app spotlight. With only one or two touches, you may search for applications. If you have a large number of applications, it may be tough to locate them all. However, by using the highlight function, you will be able to search the app directly.

You may also search for messages in your inbox, but this option is only available on the iPhone. It is not accessible for use on Android devices. Android, on the other hand, allows you to search for site results, files, settings, and other items.

Check weather and news

It is only possible to check the weather on Android devices using the spotlight app. You may find out about the current weather conditions by putting weather into the Google search bar. If you switch on the location feature, the weather for your area will be shown on the screen. You may also obtain information about the current temperature, humidity, and so on.

The same may be said about news reports. The news may be found by putting news into the search box and selecting your interests from the results.

Create Remainder

You can create remainders using the spotlight app. Settings remainders on android takes long way But using spot light you can instantly create remainders.

Launch an app

Finding the right app amid a plethora of options takes an inordinate amount of time. It takes a long time to discover a single app since you have to search from beginning to finish. It’s possible that you’ll also forget about the app. However, by using Spotlight, you can quickly locate the necessary applications with a few touches.

Simply type in the name of the app and the spotlight will assist you in locating it. It is not even necessary to submit your entire name. While you are typing, the splolight will immediately offer a suitable app that matches your search criteria. You may spare yourself the trouble and time spent looking for applications.

Pull up a contact

You may call up a contact by utilising the App highlight feature. Not only can it pull, but it can also text and make phone calls with a single command. Simply type call [contact name] and press the enter key. You may also send an email to your friends or family members.

Play Music or Video

When you wish to listen to music, you must activate the music player every time you want to do so. Finding the music app might be challenging if it is not installed on the device’s home screen. With the help of spotlight or Google, you may play music or individual songs by entering play music to play any song and play song name to play a specific song in the search bar.

In the same way that you can play music, you can also play videos and other types of media.

Map an Address

You won’t have to go far to discover the location of the address on a map. Simply simply typing the address into Google or Spotlight will suffice. The actual location of the map will be presented. The map will be presented in the house itself, thanks to the assistance of Google Assistant.

There are several characteristics that were not included previously.

How to use Spotlight

Every feature requires the execution of a command. For example, to play music, the command is play music. To search for an app, all you have to do is type in the name of the app. In order to call or text someone, you must first instruct the app to call or text that particular individual. Everything is in working order. Using the highlighted search bar, type in the desired function.

How to Download Spotlight App on your android smartphone

As previously said, this isn’t necessary since Google supports practically all of the spotlight’s features. For those with older devices that don’t have the spotlight function, you may use an external app to supplement the experience.

When the Android operating system did not include a spotlight feature, the app was frequently utilised. For a long time, it was only accessible on iOS devices, which was understandable. There were periods of time during which the app was utilised. Installing the app spotlight on your Android smartphone is simple if you follow the instructions outlined below. The programme includes a lot of useful functions and is just a modest download size.

This is only applicable to older versions of Android. Google has included the sploiytlight function into the most recent versions of Android. My desired functions are not available in the app.

What is app spotlight on Android & How to use it?

Go to playstore and search for App search+ and download it. Next open the app and placed it in home


What does the app app Spotlight do?

It just lets you find and manage your favorite apps in no time! Open it up, enter a few letters, find your app in the app sugestion list, and before you know it, you’ve got the app you need up and running! When you discover the app you’re after, you can also open its Application Details page and quickly uninstall it.

What does the app spotlight do on a Samsung phone?

With a few taps on Google and Spotlight search, you can launch apps without opening the Application drawer or digging into home-screen folders. You can play music without opening the Music app first.

How do I remove Spotlight from my Android?

Go to Settings > Apps > All > Motorola Spotlight Player. After you disable you should be able to go to Settings > Apps > Disabled and it should show on the list as being disabled.

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