What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

The iPhone has a plethora of capabilities and options hidden away in its software. Some of them are designed to help us be more productive, while others are designed to help us communicate more effectively. There is another option called reset that is hidden deep inside the settings and is seldom utilised. What happens when you restore your iPhone to its factory settings?

You are not likely to utilise the reset option on a regular basis, but when you do, it may be really useful. Consider what it is, how to use it, why and when you may use it, as well as the precautions that must be taken before utilising it.


The reset option can be found under Settings > General.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

The reset option is further divided into 6 sub-options.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

Reset, in its most basic form, returns the selected settings to their default state. It was just like that when you initially purchased your iPhone. Some people refer to it as “factory settings” since that is the way it was when it was initially turned on after being removed from its packaging (manufacturing plant). When you press the Reset button, you will lose all of your personal settings, data, and changes that you have made.


There might be a variety of reasons for taking such a severe action. That you are planning to sell your iPhone is the first and most obvious. You are in the process of purchasing a new one, but you must first clean the old one before selling it. You don’t want the new buyer to have access to your personal information, such as images, documents, and other files.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone is the quickest and most straightforward method of doing this. Clean it up and return it in the same condition as you got it.

Another possible cause is the presence of problems, flaws, or viruses that just will not go away. While there are many methods to resolve common iPhone issues, sometimes the only option left is to do a factory reset.

Individual reset possibilities will be discussed in more depth later in this section.


In a nutshell, backup is essential. We now have a better understanding of what occurs when you reset your iPhone. It will wipe (destroy) everything, which, depending on the reset option chosen, may result in the loss of all of your data and settings, including your preferences. The prudent thing to do in this situation is to create a backup before proceeding.

Taking backups on Apple devices is a breeze, particularly when compared to Android, where various OEMs provide a variety of half-baked alternatives.

To access your Apple ID information, go to Settings and touch on your user name or profile picture. Choose your iPhone model from the drop-down menu at the bottom.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

iCloud provides 5GB of free storage space, which may or may not be sufficient for backups, depending on how much data you have on your computer.

Check to ensure that the iCloud Backup option is enabled in the iCloud Backup section.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

At the bottom of the page, in tiny characters, you can see when the latest backup was taken. If you are dissatisfied with the results or have made any modifications, you may do a manual backup by selecting Back Up Now from the menu bar. That’s all there is to it.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

Return to the Apple ID screen and choose iCloud from the drop-down menu. Here you can find an alphabetical list of all the applications that make use of iCloud to save backups. Before taking a backup, you may adjust these settings as needed.

Apple creates incremental backups, which means that just the changes that have been made are saved in the backup. This saves a significant amount of time.


This is the end of the road. After you have made this step, there is no going backwards. Make certain that you want to do it. Check and double-check your backups to ensure they are complete. Ready? That’s OK with me.

Open Settings and tap on Reset under General.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone
What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

Let’s understand what each reset option does.

What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone

Reset All Settings

This option will completely wipe all of your settings, with the exception of your personal data. This means that you will lose all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other networking configurations, screen settings like as dark mode and brightness, sound settings, home screen layout, and other system configurations, among other things. Your personal information, such as files, email accounts, images, and so on, will not be accessed. Promise.

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