The official Terraria wiki is no longer official

According to the developers at Re-Logic, the official Terraria wiki is poised to reach a new milestone with the publication of a new edition of the game’s digital encyclopaedia in the near future. will be the new official source for information on the sandbox game, according to the developers, who have revealed that they are collaborating with Freedom Games to make it so.

The new official Terraria wiki is now up and running, and it contains exactly the same content as the old edition. According to the creators, Re-Logic has long desired to retain a more consistent appearance and feel throughout the numerous sites and methods in which our devoted fans engage with Terraria. In order to maintain the consistency of our website and forums, we have used the same design components here as well.

It is now possible for Re-Logic to have a more cooperative relationship with the wiki’s administrators. Therefore, it is predicted that new content will be added much more rapidly and that community comments will have a greater chance of being included into the wiki. You’ll also notice that the new wiki has less profanity than the old one.

According to the creators, Re-Logic has gained no benefit (monetary or otherwise) from the Wiki. This is because we want to make the Terraria experience better for everyone who plays the game.

It is probable that many people will benefit from the present Fandom-run wiki, which will continue to exist despite our awareness that this will not be the case.

You can look forward to another final update in the near future, as well as one additional final update that was first released a few weeks ago. If you missed Terraria’s final update, or the second final update, or the most recent final update, you can look forward to another final update in the near future.

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