Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2 – Guide

The Shattered Throne Map is our specialty, and we’re here to tell you everything about it. If you’re playing Destiny 2, you’ll need this guide. you need to know a few things about the game before you can start playing it First published in September of this year, Destiny 2 has quickly become one of the most popular video games of all time. When we first heard about it, it was a much anticipated game, and it didn’t disappoint us. When it comes to combat in Destiny, players like the diversity of weapons they have at their disposal. This implies that in order to get these difficult-yet-entertaining weaponry, you’ll have to engage in certain actions, such as patrols or raids. It’s also possible that the Shattered Throne Map, a Raid Lair, has an issue with players that try to complete it.

Players in Destiny 2’s Broken Throne map must traverse a maze of hearths, ruined expansions, and coastal islands. You won’t have to worry, however, since tour guides like “Erebus” have created a very accommodating tour of the major area to make your investigation of it simpler.

Predetermination 2’s Shattered Throne Map is the best place to collect treasures if you’d rather avoid being attacked. Don’t give up if you can’t figure things out the first time. Once every letter, at regular intervals, it reappeared At this point, you’ll be hooked on this challenging gameplay.

According to Destiny 2’s Reset Valor rank, the “prison” moniker given to the Shattered Throne region in the game has been changed to “jail”. However, this work is quite similar to the Whisper assignment from a few weeks ago, which gives you the fascinating Whisper of the Worm. This is how you’ll get your Wish-ender bow as well as some fairly amazing items on every expedition, but there are also missions that drop objects that haven’t been found before and feature insider information.

Shattered Throne’s Loot Table

Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2 - Guide

The treasure table in the Shattered Throne is shared throughout all of the encounters, which sets it apart from the other dungeons in Destiny 2. Any quest you accomplish or chest you crack open in the Dreaming City will reward you with a random item from that location. There is a probability that the armour that drops from this dungeon will be a high-stat piece, meaning that it will drop with 60 or more overall stats and have spikey distributions. The Wish-Exotic Ender’s quest may also be found in this dungeon.

Reverie Dawn HelmetArmor(Head)
Reverie Dawn GlovesArmor(Arms)
Reverie Dawn ChestArmor(Chest)
Reverie Dawn BootsArmor(Boots)
Reverie Dawn Class ItemArmor(Class Item)
Abide The ReturnSword(Solar | Adaptive)
Retold TaleShotgun(Void | 65 RPM)
SleeplessRocket Launcher(Arc | 15 RPM)
TigerspiteAuto Rifle(Kinetic | 600 RPM)
Twilight OathSniper Rifle(Solar | 140 RPM)
VouchsafeScout Rifle(Void | 200 RPM)
Waking VigilHand Cannon(Arc | 140 RPM)
Pallas GalliotShip(20% Drop Chance)

Map of the Broken Throne

Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2

For gamers who want to get their hands on some of the greatest treasure in Destiny 2, the Shattered Throne is a mini-raid they may participate in. However, it is only accessible once (per character) every three weeks, and it has two bosses with distinct mechanics and platforming across expansive areas. Throughout this tutorial, we’ll go through how to defeat each section of the dungeon; if you follow our suggestions, primary dating will be lot less difficult.

To begin, you’ll need to enter the dungeon on your own. One of the quickest routes is to proceed straight from the Dreaming City landing zone while following the left wall until one of the two buildings with an oracle appears on your right – keep going and a bridge will eventually appear alongside a downward slopeside path that leads directly to the entrance to the Shattered Throne, which can be found at the back of the room with a thin beam of light passing through it!

In the diagram below, you can see an approximate arrangement of the various spots on an island. It is crucial to remember that not all sites are adjacent to one another, so you may have to travel a considerable distance to go from one location to another.

In the diagram below, you can see an approximate arrangement of the various spots on an island. It is crucial to remember that not all sites are adjacent to one another, so you may have to travel a considerable distance to go from one location to another.

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Destiny 2 Shattered Throne Map: Everything You Need To Know

To get the map, you will need to go in a different route. Straight out of this enigmatic box, keep your eyes open for a massive building with the word Oracle painted on it and turn left. Look for a trail that winds its way around precipices and finally leads you into one of these prison passageways!

Following this voyage, you’ll be introduced to the first portion of the tour, which is a twisting succession of passageways meant to put your abilities to the test. You’ll need to clean each shrine in a certain sequence while keeping in mind the most critical things to keep in mind at all times. It is impossible to get disoriented when exploring this labyrinth since the primary shrines never change.

Once you’ve completed your effective clearance of shrines, return to the starting point of your first segment. There should be a smaller-than-usual handler waiting for you, with treasure drops ready to go when you get there. Never be worried if you are concerned about being disoriented. Fortunately, there are numerous online resources that can assist people in navigating their way through their journey in Pokémon GO Plus and ensuring that they do not miss out on any of the opportunities or rewards that come with it, such as discovering new creatures called Pokemon’s Eggs at various Pokestops throughout the city.

Part One: The Labyrinth

Once you’ve entered the Windy, Monochromatic Rising Realm, you’ll need to find your way about. I created one, and it should be more reliable than the MS Paint versions that are currently available. As the name implies, this map includes the first and most difficult part of the Shattered Throne, sometimes referred to as the Labyrinth. There is a certain sequence in which you must clear the seven maze temples, which are indicated by the symbols on our map, to complete the mission. Because the sequence changes from time to time, it’s critical to understand how the temples are connected. Having said that, you will always begin and conclude your journey at the bottom middle temple, which is designated with the “diving bird.”

You should immediately go to the Diving Bird Temple and kill the yellow-barred ultra that is inside as the confrontation begins. There will be another symbol appearing on the earth. Locate this symbol on the map and then go to the temple that corresponds to it. You’ll need to keep following our plan and repeating the procedure until you reach the Cathedral of the Diving Birds. A last mini-boss will come at the end of the game. Kill it in order to get your tremendous riches, and then move to the next stage.

Even though your voyage through the game will be long and twisting, if you have trust in our guidance, you will be able to find your way back home. If we want to avoid seeing any more imps, we should keep travelling straight from here on out.

Part two: The hike

There is a straight route that leads to a large wide expanse of land. If you have a weapon with a reasonable range, it will assist you in taking out the captured vandals who are firing from above. Otherwise, just push and climb to the top for another miniboss in front of the large door – you already know what to do after that!

You can see a massive fireplace in the middle of the room with an exposed mahogany scaffolding. When you’re at long range, there are plenty of hobgoblins and knights to contend with, but you must be cautious not to be struck by any of them.

As soon as you enter the area, use your long-range weapon to dispatch all of the bothersome little hobgoblins and knights. Before stepping up the scaffolding in front of you, press on either side of this massive room to eliminate any additional pesky knuckles that may be lurking in the vicinity. Continue to the middle of the level, where the blue crystals are (you know they’re vital), while avoiding another assault from above; once clear, go to the left to several stairwells that lead upward!

Third part: Vorgeth, hunger without limit

The ideal chance for those who are ready to take on a big Taken Ogre who is protected by four wizards has presented itself. The objective of this experiment is to assassinate the wizard guards of Vorgeth. Ensure that you have collected all of their spheres and placed them safely before moving on to the next circle in what will be your last fight against an evil ogre!

When you initially fall to the ground, two wizards will locate your position and begin following you along the street. You’ll have to keep them under control by firing from cover until Vorgeth’s shield collapses, at which point you’ll be able to shoot him straight.

There are four adversaries taken for each wizard: two vandals and two goblins for each wizard. At the beginning of the game, the only method to escape being struck is to utilise the columns on each side of you. However, as soon as they’re taken out, focus your attention on eliminating that annoying wizard who’s the farthest away from where he started…and guess what? It doesn’t matter which one, since my powerful spells can take care of them all! So be confident in your abilities — make use of your greatest techniques without hesitating or worrying too much about potions – and you will succeed (because after a while the spells dry up).

Part Four: Dul Incaru

The terrain is long and treacherous, and there are several opponents. You will have to travel through multiple boppers who will knock you off your feet in order to reach to the conclusion, but it is possible if you hunt out the individuals who are causing the issue. The last portion has divider mounted boppers, which provide a different sort of challenge than the other sections; thus, we must first study how they operate before proceeding.
After a hit, the player receives an electric shock followed by a four-second stun, which is subsequently repeated until the divider is entirely crossed or the player dies as a result of self-inflicted harm

Dul Incaru is guarded by three hulking ass knights from the Taken Champions organisation. Whenever they die, these champions leave circular marks on the ground. You’ll need them to take down Dul Incaru! Due to the short duration of the boost provided by these spheres, it is important to eliminate everyone as rapidly as possible within the conditions of the conflict (which is ongoing at this point!). All three CHAmpions should empty their boxes at the same time, regardless of how many are remaining; however, no fewer than two should be cleared at the same time. This will help your team to operate more effectively as a group and not spend time taking turns defeating each champion individually.

There is no time to spend! You will be rendered unstoppable if you wait too long to battle the Champions, as Dul Incaru will call a gem from the rear of the chamber and use it to make them unbeatable. If this occurs, dispose of the item as quickly as possible. A shotgun works well for this, and you should continue to hunt down those champions — Taken Psions will spawn during your battle with them, so make sure you don’t allow any of them escape alive or else they will continue to spawn.

Video Guide

How do you do the first encounter of shattered throne?

Your objective should be to reach the Ascendant structures located on the other side of the map. You will need to eliminate a couple Taken Acolytes as well as a miniboss that is a Knight. After they have been vanquished, you will see an image emerge close to the starting area of the first encounter (shown below). To begin the first encounter, you will need to go inside the structure.

Is it possible to solo the prophecy dungeon?

Prophecy’s first boss battle is one of the most difficult aspects of the dungeon to complete on your own, but with the right strategy, it is possible for players of any class to accomplish this goal.

How do you play Shattered Throne?

On the tab that contains the map of the Dreaming City, players may load the Shattered Throne by choosing the icon that represents the dungeon. After spawning, players must continue walking ahead over the shattered bridges and jumping from platform to platform until they reach a gigantic temple building in the distance.

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