Pokemon: TM88 Pluck Location

TM88 or picking is a “flying type” move that has a chance to pick/catch a berry held by the opponent who is hit. In this guide, we will share where to find this TM.

Pokemon: TM88 Pluck Location

Where to find TM88 Pluck

  • Essentially, this is a flying-type technique that has the extra bonus of stealing a berry from the opponent who has been struck with it. The Pokémon who used the move is then granted access to the fruit that was previously seized by another Pokémon. Because Berries are used by practically every Elite 4 Pokémon, this is an excellent method to use against them. This TM may be discovered at the following places in the Pokémon games: Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl.
  • Floaroma may be reached after defeating the gym leader in Oreburgh City. You must defeat the gym leader in order to access the town. To get to the town of Floaroma, use Route 204 north off the highway. You will be able to tell when you have arrived in town because of the overwhelming abundance of flowers. In order to earn this TM, you must first satisfy the prerequisite in Jubilife City and then go to Oreburgh City to complete the last step.
  • Once you get at Floaroma Town, you will need to find the home with the woman standing next to a Clefairy in order to proceed. The road leading to the city’s northern outskirts comes to a halt in front of this property. Inside, speak with the woman at the Clefairy, who will be able to offer you with the TM if needed.

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