Peacock Subtitles: How to Turn Closed Captioning On or Off

Apps for smart TVs and smartphones may be used to switch on or off subtitles (closed-captioning). When it comes to how subtitles are activated or disabled on various devices, there are no notable exceptions. Since none of the Peacock applications have closed captioning choices in the settings section, it might be difficult to locate the option on all devices.

A new streaming service called Peacock is set to emerge in 2020, bringing together popular episodes and movies from the NBCUniversal and Universal archives. In addition to smart TVs and smartphones, apps are available for download. On various devices, you may stream Peacock series, movies, and originals through a browser.

The goal of Peacock, like many other streaming services, is to make the service more user-friendly. It’s a good example of closed-captioning assistance that adds text-based copies of the show episode or movie’s dialogue and associated audio to the programme or movie. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not subtitles are necessary, but knowing how to switch them on or off may have an impact on any viewer.

Turn Peacock subtitles on or off

A smart TV app’s settings menu does not provide an option to turn Peacock subtitles on or off. Closed captioning may only be turned on or off while viewing a video.

Turn subtitles on or off: smart TV

  • Press select or down (while watching a video)
  • Click left to reach the speech bubble icon.
  • Click on speech bubble
  • Click on a language to turn on
  • Click on “None” to turn off

On a mobile device, the process of turning subtitles on or off is much the same. Subtitles cannot be managed when viewing an episode of a television programme or a movie, since there is no option to activate or disable closed captions using the smartphone app’s settings menu.

Turn subtitles on or off: mobile

  • Tap on screen (while watching a video)
  • Tap on the speech bubble in top right corner
  • Tap on a language to turn on
  • Tap on “None” to turn off

Subtitles are disabled by default on Peacock, and there may be occasions when a viewer will need to enable them in order to fully enjoy the watching experience. However, once they are activated, they will stay active until they are turned off again. This is also true while streaming across many devices. In the case of a smart TV, subtitles will continue to be shown while viewing Peacock on a smartphone or any other device using the same account as the smart television.

There may be occasions where a single Peacock subscription is shared across family members, and in such instances, someone may activate closed captions, leading in someone else having to disable them again at a later time. The employment of Peacock profiles may help to alleviate this problem in more hectic families, for example. If closed captions are enabled on a single Peacock profile, the modification will only be applied to that profile from that point forth.

Issues with subtitles on Peacock

Some users have reported that, in addition to the fact that there is no obvious way to toggle subtitles on or off via the settings menus in Peacock applications, they have also faced further complications. One of these issues is that the subtitles do not stay active indefinitely. This means that each time a new video is played, closed captioning must be activated. That this is occurring and that it does not seem to be a problem across all platforms and devices is a mystery. In the case of customers who are experiencing this exact difficulty and need subtitles to be permanently enabled, it may be worthwhile to test a new device.

Another common issue with Peacock’s approach to subtitles is the difficulty in adjusting the size. As there is no subtitles section in the app settings, there are also no customization options. However, subscribers can make permanent adjustments to the font color, size and more through the Peacock website. Although not the most convenient solution, if they are currently too large or too small, it is currently the only way to make changes.

Other typical concerns include subtitles that do not stay on the screen for a long enough period of time or that do not operate at all. Unfortunately, there are no solutions available for these issues at this time. Some devices do include the option to globally activate captions at the system level, which may be accessed via the device’s configuration menu. Even while this may be a viable strategy, and one that Peacock advises, subscriber miles will differ. This system-wide accessibility function is dependent on the app that supports it, and the Peacock app does not seem to adhere to the system-level accessibility setting on all systems.

Peacock subtitles summary

Peacock does, however, provide the option to activate closed captioning for episodes of shows and movies via its several mobile applications. There is, however, no particular subtitles section on the website. Members will be required to control subtitles while viewing a video by entering the playback menu and clicking on the speech bubble symbol, rather than by pressing the playback button.

While closed captions are accessible via Peacock, the implementation is not without flaws, as seen here. Subtitles may seem to be too tiny, fade too rapidly, or fail to function at all for certain users. Additionally, some users may have a problem where the subtitles may not stay enabled permanently, necessitating the need to re-enable the subtitles each time a new episode of a programme or movie is shown.

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