Minecraft Disable Mob Griefing

The act of mob griefing may be quite annoying and irritating, especially if you’ve just completed planting all of your crops and then turn around to see that a zombie has trampled all of the crops you’ve just spent 10 minutes planting.

To totally disable mob griefing in the vanilla version of Minecraft, there is a single command that may be used to disable it altogether. This command is not surrounded by quotation marks in any way. It is just “gamerule mobGrieving false,” as the name implies. As you write, it should begin to fill in the spaces on the page for you automatically.

What does Mob Griefing actually do?

  • If you leave Mob Griefing enabled, the following mobs will be able to grieve you:
  • Farmland is trampled by mobs.
  • Assembles reclaiming lost goods (zombies, villagers, etc.)
  • Zombies smashing onto houses.
  • Grass-eating sheep (sheep will still regrow their wool, but the block will not change from a grass to a dirt block)
  • Farmland is being harvested and replanted by locals.
  • This is what happens when a dragon attacks blocks.
  • Explosions caused by Wither devastation.
  • Blocks are being demolished by creeper explosions.
  • Blocks are picked up by endermen.
  • Stones with silverfish hidden inside of them.” After wandering, silverfish will not return to stone blocks.
  • While surrounding blocks are being demolished, silverfish are screaming for rescue.
  • remnants of snow left by snowmen
  • Rabbits devouring food crops.
  • Blaze fireballs to create a raging inferno.
  • Explosions of ghastly fireballs that demolish buildings

When mob griefing is disabled, the game is unquestionably simpler to play, but when you examine some of the griefing behaviours, it may take away the natural survival aspect of Minecraft.

One such example is ‘Ghast fireball explosions demolishing blocks’, which is rather unpleasant to read.

Is Mob Griefing enabled on realms?

Yes. On some worlds, mob griefing is permitted. Mob griefing is enabled by default on all Minecraft versions, regardless of the version number.

Due to the fact that the command is a server-wide command rather than a command for individual users. The ability to alter it on the realm will be blocked for everyone if an operator makes the modification.

Turn off some and not others?

No, despite the fact that this would be incredibly beneficial. It is not possible to turn off certain mob griefing while leaving others on.

If this is something Mojang decides to include in a later version of the game, we will be very grateful. This is especially true given the fact that it is a relatively recent command.

Other Useful Minecraft Commands

There are many useful commands that you can use on both java and bedrock editions on Minecraft.


disable Raids is another another command that may be quite handy, particularly if you are playing in a solitary world environment. Raids on villages may be exceedingly tough to carry out on your own at the beginning of a survival world, especially if you are not wearing full protection 4 armour.


doLimitedCrafting is a command that, if you’ve played numerous survival worlds in the past, will add an additional layer of difficulty to your survival experience. doLimitedCrafting restricts your crafting options to to those things that you have unlocked. Therefore, you must devote sufficient time to locating and procuring the raw materials necessary for crafting the more complex items.

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