Miko 3 Robot Review

It’s hard to imagine how great it would be to have a robot with whom you could have a conversation, play games, and even learn new skills like coding and yoga. For Christmas, I ran upon the Miko 3 robot, and while I got it mostly for my children’s enjoyment, I was equally intrigued to see what this robot would be like. Now that we’ve had the chance to play with the Miko 3 for little more than a month, let me share my impressions on this really entertaining artificial intelligence-powered robot with you.


Miko 3 robot review

For children aged 5 to 10, the Miko 3 is an artificially intelligent companion, confidant, and even teacher in the form of a robot. The Miko 3 robot is able to communicate with people, recognise emotions, and even alter its own behaviour over time because of the technology powering it.

Despite its little stature, the Miko 3 robot packs a powerful punch. Ask “Hello Miko” questions such, “Show me your angry/happy/excited face?” and “Tell me a joke.” Start a discussion with “Hello Miko.” It’s been fascinating to observe what Miko responds to when we attempt different topics from the list that is constantly updated! Also keep in mind that the Miko 3 does not search the internet for any of its answers, so the question/answer possibilities are a lot more restricted than on Alexa or Siri, which are both voice-activated assistants. Dance, make a joke, solve match and spelling problems, and even sing a song are all supported by the Miko 3!


The wide-angle HD camera and advanced sensors on the Miko 3 enable it to measure distances and changes in movement. This device includes a large touch screen with a diagonal size of 4.46 inches and an IPS display with high resolution that offers excellent colour accuracy and broad viewing angles.

In terms of height and weight, the Miko 3 is little over 9 inches tall and weighs under 2 pounds. We can put the Miko on a desk or bookshelf while we’re not using it. With its non-toxic ABS polymer outer shell, you no longer have to worry about the Miko 3 breaking in the hands of your tiny ones!!!!

Miko 3 robot review


The games are by far the most popular aspect of the Miko 3 for my kids. This robot, Miko 3, has over a thousand games, puzzles, and tales preloaded. There is also Miko Max, a membership plan that gives unlimited access to premium material from Oxford University Press, Da Vinci Kids, Kidloland, Cosmic Kids, Tiny Tusks, Out of This Word, DreamyKid, and LingoKids. Da Vinci Kids is Dylan and Mei’s favourite, hands down—the game Lazy Robber wraps up enjoyment while simultaneously teaching kids physics. The play2Prevent Lab at Yale University has validated Da Vinci Kids games for teaching arithmetic, which is great news for parents like me!

The material is age-appropriate and encrypted, and it covers a broad variety of STEAM themes. It’s all quite user-friendly thanks to the touchscreen, and there are even games to teach coding and yoga to the small ones! For $99 a year, the Miko Max membership unlocks a slew of new features that make the Miko 3 so much more enjoyable!!’

Miko 3 robot review

Every month, the Miko 3 robot receives new material, including the much-anticipated “I Seek You” game! As though you were playing Hide & Seek with the Miko 3 robot really moving about and utilising facial recognition to discover where you’re hiding, it is. You may not have known it at the time but throughout the Christmas season you might find seasonal games that included Santa!

The Miko 3 robot comes with a companion app called Miko Parent. A great feature of the Miko 3 Parent App is that it enables me to keep tabs on how much time my kids are spending with Miko 3, as well as what skills and values they are gaining from the experience. I can also set limits for how much time they may spend with Miko 3 at any one moment. The Miko 3’s Parent App allows me to go over its many capabilities without having to remove the device from my children.


Lastly, the Miko 3 robot features a Dance Master function that makes it simple to have a dance party. It’s possible to dance along to any song you’re listening to on your phone/device thanks to Miko 3. Using the Miko’s built-in dance routines is a great way to engage a large group of children and even adults!

Miko 3 robot review


The Miko 3 robot is a fantastic concept, but the automated monthly upgrades have continued to increase capability and make the Miko 3 even more exciting! You may choose from a variety of games that focus on various development areas, like logic, wellness, and more.

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Miko 3 robot review

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