Is It Worth Replacing A MacBook Pro Screen?

Let’s face it: we’re in a bind. It is one of the first things to be destroyed when you drop your MacBook that is the screen. I understand how frightening it might be, since laptop screen repairs are no laughing matter. They may cost hundreds of dollars, and in some cases, they aren’t even worth it. So, is it really worth it to spend so much money on a screen replacement, or would it be better to simply get another MacBook instead? Let’s have a look and see!

Modern Macbooks with retina displays have screens that cost between $455 and $755 to repair, making it unwise to spend the money on a screen replacement. The pricing of the $755 MacBook Air is approximately the same as the $999 MacBook Air from 2021. Instead, it is preferable to use the funds to purchase a new MacBook Pro, considering MacBooks have a lifetime of about 5-8 years.

If you’ve had your MacBook for a long time, it’s almost certain that it’s seen a lot of use and abuse over the years. Other than damage caused by falls or surface strikes, the dust that has accumulated on your Mac over the years has caused a significant amount of internal harm that we are completely unaware of until it is too late.

Why It Is Not Worth Replacing Your MacBook Pro Screen?

A MacBook Pro Retina Screen replacement will normally cost you between $455 and $755, depending on your location. You should also include in the labour costs for examining your laptop, as well as the shipping costs (if applicable). It is not worthwhile to spend the money on a screen replacement for your MacBook when a MacBook with an M1 chip is available for a comparable price as the screen replacement.

Allow me to explain why. There are a variety of elements to consider when considering whether or not to get your screen replaced. Let’s take a look at them to better understand why your Macbook with a damaged screen is now a hopeless case to repair.

Why Replacing A MacBook Screen Is A Waste Of Money

You would be quoted at least $455 for the new screen for an older model Macbook plus $100 for the work if your Macbook’s warranty has expired and you take it to an Apple shop to have it repaired with a retina display. This cost of $555 is less than half of what it would cost to purchase a new MacBook.

A screen replacement for a MacBook Pro is classified as a Tier 4 Apple Repair service. This type of Apple Repair is the most costly and caters to any and all of the issues that your machine may be experiencing.

If you have dropped your MacBook Pro, there is a good probability that many additional internal components of your MacBook have been damaged that are not apparent from the exterior of your MacBook. Even if you receive a screen replacement, it may not be enough to resolve all of the possible faults, which means you would have to spend more money than just the screen replacement price for the complete repair.

Every machine has a certain amount of time in which to operate. Assuming your MacBook is a more recent model, it will become outdated very soon, and you will be required to upgrade to a more recent model. Instead of having your MacBook Pro’s screen fixed, consider selling it in its current state on sites such as eBay and using the extra money to get a brand new MacBook ProOpens in a new tab.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A MacBook Pro Screen?

If the problem is covered by a warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer protection laws, there is no fee for the screen replacement. For those who don’t have a problem that falls into one of these categories, replacing the screen on a MacBook Pro with Retina display will cost you anything from $455 to $705, with the more recent displays costing $755 and the older versions costing $455.

Without a warranty or AppleCare+, you’re on your own. At an Apple Store, you may expect to pay anything between $455 and $755 for a MacBook Pro screen replacement. You may use this link to make an appointment at an Apple Store to get your screen examined. Check to see whether your MacBook is protected by AppleCare+ by visiting this page.

The precise cost of your screen replacement is estimated by taking into account criteria such as the brand and year of your Macbook, as well as the Apple Repair Tiers. It would cost at least $450 to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display from 2015 till the present day, for example. This is the MacBook that I now possess, and it’s only going for $310-$499 on eBay right now. You can get one for less money than the cost of a screen replacement!

In the case of a MacBook Air 13′ from 2010 to 2017, the screen replacement would cost at least $350.

I’ve included an explanation of the Apple Repair Tiers, which are used to calculate repair charges, to assist you in understanding them.

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