iPhone Weigh Scale – How To Do IT

Is it feasible to use an iPhone as a measuring device? Yes, we did try our hand at it. Despite the fact that it is not a novel idea, a significant number of individuals were not familiar with it. This function was made accessible to the general public as early as the year 2015. Are you curious about the process of figuring out how to utilize your iPhone to measure your weight? Let’s have a look at it together, shall we?


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Weigh scale on iPhone using Touchscale.

It is possible to weigh items on your iPhone using Touchscale, a web-based application. It makes advantage of your 3D Touch Device to serve as a scale. The weighing feature on the iPhone can only be utilised on devices that have 3D Touch capability. From the iPhone 6s/6s Plus all the way up to the most recent model. When it comes to the iOS version, there are no restrictions.

iPhone Weigh Scale

How to setup iPhone for weigh scale

First go to iOS “Settings”> “Accessibility”> “Touch”. Select “3D and touch feedback touch”, and turn on 3D touch”. Open the “TouchScale” webpage directly through the iPhone browser, and you can place items on the iPhone to measure the weight.

iPhone Weigh Scale

Things to consider

Please take particular care not to place metal or heavy things on the screen to prevent the screen shattering or putting scratches on it. Furthermore, everything you’re weighing must be conductive in order for the touchscreen sensor to function. To provide an example, you can’t use your smartphone to weigh a plastic bottle since the phone doesn’t identify that anything is touching its screen. This means you’ll need something on the screen to activate the iPhone, such as a spoon, and you’ll need to lay the plastic bottle on top of the spoon. Simply subtract the spoon weight from the total weight of the plastic bottle to get the final weight.

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