Inscryption Guide: Ancient Obol Offering And Bone Lord Key In Act 2

It is likely that you will find your way to the basement during your initial excursion to Grimora’s Crypt, which takes place during Act 2 of the encryption quest. There is only one tomb to be found in the area. It would appear that something within you is trying to convey to you that you require assistance in order to make it through this. With order to assist you in obtaining an Ancient Obol Offering for the Bonelord Key in Act 2, here is our Encryption Guide.

Incryption Guide – How to get Ancient Obol Sacrifice and Bone Lord Key in Act 2

Before you can gain the Ancient Obol Offering encryption, you need to get both halves of the Broken Obol first (the left and right sides). In my previous playthroughs, after vanquishing one of Grimora’s minions, I was able to gain the appropriate side piece. However, I can’t say for certain that this will be the case for all players in the game.

Nonetheless, one can acquire these pieces with absolute certainty by purchasing them from the trader located within Grimora’s Crypt. It’s possible that you’ll need to stack slides as well, given that each slide costs two slides.

Inscryption Guide: Ancient Obol Offering And Bone Lord Key In Act 2

The next step is to arrange them such that they are parallel to one another on the board. The component on the left must go in the second column, and the piece on the right must go in the third column. The problem is that your deck needs to have 20 cards in it, and it is extremely unlikely that both halves of the Broken Obol will appear early on in battles.

Instead, we have to make our way to the Mage Tower in Magnificus (the lower left corner of the world map). As soon as you make it to the second floor, you will face off against a practise opponent. You need just skip your moves till you come across the broken Obol in its entirety. If you move them around to the appropriate locations, you will be able to decode the Ancient Obol item.

It is imperative that you return to the cellar of Grimora’s Crypt. You are able to proceed into the sarcophagus even if it seems strange since you have the Ancient Obol. You suddenly find yourself in a gloomy and foreboding region, the home of the Bone Lord. It appears that he is talking about “ancient dates,” the details of which will become clear to us in due time.

Talk to the Bone Lord once more once the initial conversation has concluded. He bestows to you the following three rewards:

  • Horn of the Bone Lord has the stats 1/1, 3 bones, and each +1 Energy you can pay, you get an additional 3 bones.
  • The Femur of the Bonelord is an item that, when equipped, will award you with additional bones at the beginning of each battle.
  • The Bone Lord Key is yet another flickering key that will become useful a little bit further down the line.

That settles it, you now possess the Bone Lord Key embedded within the encryption. Remember to ask the Mycologist Twins for the other hidden key as well, and don’t forget to take it!

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What does the key do in Inscryption?

In order for players to get access to the hidden boss fight against the Mycologist, the second act is where they must collect the key. The Mycologist may be found in Act 2 at the mushroom house that is located to the right of the map, in between Grimora’s tomb and Leshy’s woodland.

What should I sacrifice to the bone Lord?

Players have the option of offering the Bone Lord some of the cards from Act 1 of Inscryption in exchange for boons. The Bone Lord’s skull may be found on the wall next to the squirrel that is clutching the knife. It seems like the only thing the Bone Lord can do in Act 1 is make his eyes red if players click on his skull enough times, but that’s about it.

What do I do with bone Lord key?

Both of them are available for purchase from the merchant in Grimora’s lair for the price of Foil Cards. When you enter combat with both of them in your possession, you must position them adjacent to each other. We strongly suggest that you use the training dummy that is located in Magnificus’ home so that you won’t have to worry about passing away. After you use them, they’ll come together to form an Obol.

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