How to Use Google Set Up My Device

Since a result, the Google Assistant is pre-installed and ready to use on a large number of Google devices, including smartphones and tablets, as it is a common feature on many of the company’s offerings. Consider the situation of Google Home, which functions in the same manner as the Alexa voice assistant. It follows as a result that utilising OK Google on a smartphone or tablet requires the fulfilment of a few more steps in order to effectively finish the procedure.

Set Up OK Google on Android

  • The phrases “Hey Google” and “OK Google,” as well as pressing and holding the Home button, will tell you if your Android device is ready to utilise Google Assistant. Choose Turn On from the drop-down menu when you see the prompt.
How to Use Google Set Up My Device

If that doesn’t work, keep in mind what you need to use Google Assistant on your Android:

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Google app 6.13 or higher
  • Google Play services
  • 1.0 GB of memory
  • Device set to one of the languages listed here (English, German, Spanish, and others)

Here’s how to check those requirements, in order:

  • Check for updates on your Android smartphone, and then upgrade to the most recent Android version if your device is out of date.
  • Upgrade the Google application to the most recent version. Open the Google app and choose More > Settings > About from the menu bar to see what version it is currently running.
How to Use Google Set Up My Device
  • Open Google Play services on Google Play and, if you see the option to install it, click it.
  • Developer mode must be enabled before you can verify that you have more than 1 GB of available RAM by going to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Memory.
How to Use Google Set Up My Device
  • Confirm that the language on your phone or tablet is one of the ones on the list provided above. You may access the language options by going to Settings > System > Languages & input > Languages (optional).
How to Use Google Set Up My Device

Set Up OK Google on iPhone or iPad

iOS devices running iOS 10 or above and configured in a recognised language are required. Google Assistant is not available on iPhones and iPads, unlike Android devices, and you must instead download the Google Assistant mobile app.

  • Google Assistant may be downloaded for free.
  • You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account.
  • Continue is the next option on the Google Partners page.
How to Use Google Set Up My Device
  • When prompted to allow the delivery of alerts, choose Allow. If you do not wish to receive notifications from Google Assistant, choose No thanks.
  • Choose whether or not you would want to get Google updates about new features, deals, and other developments for Google Assistant, and then click Next.
  • When prompted for permission to use the microphone, choose OK. If you wish to communicate with Google Assistant, you’ll need to do this.
How to Use Google Set Up My Device

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