How to Use a USB Headset on Xbox One

Xbox is a name that we are all familiar with. Developed by Microsoft, it is a video game brand that is well-known. With the passage of time, this video game brand grew in popularity and significance. A series of video games was produced by the Xbox’s designers. The Xbox One was the only console in this series that was specifically built for playing video games at home. It enables you to relax at home and enjoy your spare time by playing your favourite games. However, in order to really appreciate the sound of your favourite game, you will want a headset.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One does not operate with all of the popular headphones that are currently available on the market. It will only function with the one that has a specific chip fitted for Microsoft devices, which is the only one available. We’ve gathered all of the information you could possibly want to know about using a USB headset with your Xbox One in one section. Learn more about the headsets that may be used with the Xbox One by reading our blog post on the subject.

Using your Headset with Xbox One

We will be completely honest with you: if you have already invested in a high-quality and pricey headset, we will not propose that you replace it. You may also take pleasure in and appreciate Xbox sounds using it. Some capabilities that are accessible in the headsets specifically made for the Xbox One may be lost, but it would be best for you to make do with what you have on hand right now. We will show you how to connect your headset to your Xbox One in this section.

How to use a USB headset on Xbox one

If you are using the most recent version of the Xbox controller, you would have noticed that it has a 3.5mm port on the bottom side of the controller. You may just connect in your headsets at this location. Furthermore, if you are using an Xbox controller from the first generation, you will not be able to use it since the controller does not have an adaptor. You will need to purchase a Stereo Adapter if you are using the Xbox One controller from the first generation. The adapter may be connected to the controller at the bottom of the unit. There are several options available, including volume control, a mute button, and an audio mix modification. However, if you do not have an adaptor, you may be unable to control the audio from a distance.

On the console, you may listen to the audio to make sure everything is working properly. It will be accessible from the Xbox One’s main menu screen. You may find it difficult to locate the audio controls, so follow these instructions to locate them:

  • To use the Xbox button on the controller, press it.
  • Locate the speaker icon on your computer screen.
How to use a USB headset on Xbox one
  • Button A may be found at this location. The Audio button may be found here. You may control the volume of your headsets from this menu.
How to use a USB headset on Xbox one

Using USB headset on Xbox one

You may be looking for information on how to utilize a USB headset with your Xbox One. For the most part, the answer to this question is negative. The USB headset is not compatible with the Xbox One. Microsoft’s Xbox One does not enable its customers to utilize corded USB headphones, according to Microsoft. It is necessary to use a headset with a 3.5mm audio connection. When buying a headset for your Xbox One, be sure you choose a headset that is compatible with Xbox One. For your peace of mind, the Xbox logo will be printed on the box.

Using Wireless Xbox Headset

The wireless headsets can be connected to Xbox One in the same way as the controller of Xbox. Follow these simple steps for connecting wireless headset:

  • Turn the power of the headset and the console.
  • You will see a green power button on the controller. Press the button for about 4 seconds. You will see a power light.
  • There will be a pairing button on your console. Press that button and the power light will start to flash.
  • After the connection of both the devices, the power lights will stop flashing on both devices.
  • For the connection of Xbox wireless headsets on Windows, Android and IOS, follow the steps below:
  • Power on the headset.
  • There will be a power button on the back of the earcup on the left side. Press and hold it for 4 seconds.
  • Check the Bluetooth connectivity menu on the device. Scan available devices and select Xbox Wireless headset. Connect to it.
  • The flash will stop which means your device is connected.

How to Connect Mic on Xbox One?

The Xbox One is popular owing to the existence of improved controlling design as well as the inclusion of the most up-to-date features. After learning how to utilise a USB headset on Xbox One, you may want to learn how to connect the microphone to Xbox One. This article will cover both topics. The AT&A and Blue Snowball USB microphones, as well as other USB microphones, may be used with the Xbox One. If you want to use USB audio on your Xbox One, you will need to make a few adjustments to the settings. You may do this by following a few simple steps:

  • Look find the Settings option on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select Display and Sound from the drop-down menu.
  • In order to activate USB audio on your Xbox one, go to Settings > Audio Output.
How to use a USB headset on Xbox one

To connect USB mic on Xbox one, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Place the Stereo Headset adopter in the Controller’s extension port.
  • Connect a 3.5mm adapter’s jack to the stereo headset.
  • You can use the buttons on the adapter to adjust the volume of the mic. Now start the Xbox one and relish its features.

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Video Guide

Can we use the USB headsets for PC on Xbox one?

The answer is a resounding nay. Other USB headsets will not work with the Xbox One unless they are specifically designed for it.

Can we use Wired headsets with Xbox one?

The newest Xbox controllers have a 3.5mm headphone connector for use with a headset. You won’t have to spend any money on pricey wireless headsets since you can use any of your old wired headphones to connect to the Xbox instead.

How we can open a USB on Xbox one?

On the Xbox One, there are three different ports. Open the Media Player programme, where you will be able to view all of the drives that have been attached. When you click on the Drive, you will be able to see all of the media files that are currently accessible.


The Xbox One is equipped with three different types of ports. Open Media Player and look for the attached drives in the list that appears. This feature is accessible by clicking on “Drive” and then selecting “More.” To save money, you may use your Xbox One headphones, but if that were the case, you would have bought a better pair of headphones in the first place. However, there are a few things to be aware of in relation to the Xbox One headphones that are compatible with them. Any 3.5mm-compatible wired headphones will work with this device. Using headphones that are compatible with your device is a no-brainer. It’s because Microsoft headsets need a unique USB chip. Furthermore, these chips aren’t found in our typical USB headsets. When it comes to Xbox One microphone recommendations, we recommend AT&T and Blue Snowball headsets because of the superior services that they give.

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