How to Unlock A Permanently Locked Snapchat Account – Easy 5 Methods

A couple of months ago, hundreds of users of Snapchat began receiving messages informing them that their accounts had been locked, either temporarily or permanently. An uproar was sparked on social media as a result of this when some users of the app stated that their Snapchat account had been permanently frozen for no apparent reason and that they had not engaged in any behaviour that would warrant such a severe punishment.

You can try a number of different tactics to get access to your account, despite the fact that viewing this notice is by no means a pleasant experience. Therefore, in this article, we are going to demonstrate how to deactivate a Snapchat account that has been locked forever.

Method 1. Remove All Third-Party Snapchat Plugins and Apps

In the event that you were utilising plugins and third-party apps associated with Snapchat, and you were notified that your account is temporarily locked, you should uninstall these apps and plugins before attempting to unlock the account. If you were notified that your account is temporarily locked, you can find more information about this here.

It is in your best interest to avoid accessing your Snapchat account until you have removed any plugins or apps that may have played a role in the platform’s decision to suspend your account. Failing to do so could result in a ban that lasts for an extended period of time.

How to Unlock A Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

Method 2. Reinstall the Snapchat App

When you erase and reinstall the Snapchat app, all of the data that may be causing the app to display the Locked Account warning when you attempt to log in will be removed. However, if the platform decided to suspend your account because it believed you broke one or more of its rules, reinstalling the programme won’t help you achieve very much even if you do it multiple times.

AnyTrans is a tool that you can utilise if you want to improve the way you manage Snapchat plugins or reinstall the Snapchat application. When it comes to managing the apps on your iPhone, AnyTrans is a professional iOS administration solution that supports the ability to locate apps, install them, remove them, update them, and downgrade them. Install AnyTrans for free on your device, then use the App Downloader feature to attempt a reinstallation of Snapchat.

Method 3. Tap on the Unlock Button

Users of Snapchat whose accounts have been temporarily locked will see a notification at the bottom of their screen that includes a yellow unlock button. This notification will explain the potential reasons why your account may have been locked. Before you click the Unlock option, it is recommended that you deactivate any apps or plugins that you were utilising in conjunction with Snapchat.

You also shouldn’t expect to be able to access your account right away after clicking the Unlock button because it will take at least a few hours, if not days, for Snapchat to send you a new password in an email informing you that your account has been unlocked. Until then, you shouldn’t expect to be able to access your account right away.

Method 4. Force Reset Your iPhone

It’s possible that a bug caused this warning to appear on your screen; if that’s the case, you should try doing a factory reset on your iPhone. Although it will remove a bug from consideration as a possible source of the issue, using this strategy is not likely to address the problem in the vast majority of instances.

To perform a hard reset on your iPhone, you will always need to hit a specific combination of buttons. The precise mix could be different from one model to the next. As an illustration, we will utilise an iPhone 12, although the same principles also apply to the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11.

  • The “volume up” button should be pressed, then swiftly released.
  • The “volume down” button should be pressed, and then swiftly released.
  • Keep pressing and releasing the button on the side until the Apple logo appears.

Method 5. Get in Touch with Snapchat’s Customer Service

Getting in touch with the customer service team at Snapchat is likely going to be the quickest option to discover the reason why your account was disabled. You will be able to obtain additional information regarding the reasons for the ban as well as the amount of time it will take until you can regain access to your account by contacting a customer service specialist.

Customers of Snapchat who have been advised that their accounts have been permanently locked can contact customer care in an effort to resolve the situation. This is the only option available to these users if they wish to keep using the same Snapchat account.


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