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In my Mac Pages document, every time I add a new page, the new page is automatically inserted into an existing section. All pages in the same part, on the other hand, must be formatted in the same way. If I wish to modify the format of a single page, I am unable to do so without also changing the format of the other pages in the section. In order to do so, I need to divide that single page into a different part.
The Section Break function is the sole method to break apart a set of pages that have been grouped together. When you choose Insert from the Insert menu, you will see this option. The Section Break feature, on the other hand, is not intuitive to utilize. If you encounter any difficulties when attempting to ungroup a page inside a section, the guidelines provided below will be of assistance.

01. How to display the Page Thumbnails?

The Page Thumbnails feature in Mac Pages is the most convenient method to deal with pages and sections. The Page Thumbnails function in Pages is similar to a bird’s eye view of your full page.

The following steps will walk you through the process of displaying Page Thumbnails.

  • Click the View icon
  • Click the Page Thumbnails button
How to ungroup pages in one section in Mac Pages?

Of the Page Thumbnails, you will be able to view thumbnails of all of the pages in your document. Select one of the pages from the Page Thumbnails list. The chosen page is highlighted with a bright orange hue to draw attention to it. And a bright orange hue is used to draw attention to the part where the chosen page is included. Additionally, this part may take up one or more pages.

How to ungroup pages in one section in Mac Pages?

02. Why is the section break option greyed out?

For the sake of argument, let us pretend my part is three pages long. And I’d want to divide those three pages into three pieces as a result. Each segment is comprised of a single page.

This may be accomplished by selecting the Section Break option from the Insert menu on your keyboard. However, you may see that the Section Break option has been disabled. You are unable to click on it.

This is due to the fact that the pointer is not currently on the page. The answer is straightforward. You must first click on the page in order for the pointer to show on the page. The Section Break option becomes accessible and is triggered at that point.

How to ungroup pages in one section in Mac Pages?

Place the cursor on the page before inserting section break

03. How to remove the blank page after inserting a section break?

Mac Pages automatically separates subsequent pages into a new section once you place a Section Break, and it adds a blank page at the beginning of the section after that. I don’t want to start again with a blank page. Guess you don’t want it either, do you?— So, what is the best way to get rid of that page?

The quickest and most straightforward method is to position the pointer at the beginning of the page following the blank page and then press the erase button. The blank page will be removed from the document.

It is not recommended that you position the pointer at the beginning of the blank page and then press the delete key. By doing so, the blank page will be removed from the document. However, you mistakenly combine the two portions into a single unit, which is not what you intended.

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