How To Straighten Headphone Wires

As someone who has to plug my headphones into a separate outlet because the wire is too lengthy, I can attest to how frustrating it can be. The headphones can be connected, turned on and off, and unplugged by hand, but it isn’t what you want or need to do in this case. In my situation, the cable was fraying and I needed it straightened since it was a pain.

However, straightening headphone cords may be both time-consuming and frustrating. Here’s how to easily and quickly straighten your wire. Your headphones will be perfectly aligned and presentable if you follow the instructions provided below.

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Why do Wires start to Twist?

Twisting the wire is not triggered by any one action. The beginning of the process occurs the first time we put on our headphones. We go from chair to bed and couch to chair by pulling the cord. Even if we don’t notice, the process has already begun. We keep the cable down from time to time, but we also twist it to make it safe.

As a result, the process begins to repeat itself on a daily basis, and the wire begins to change form. It is quite difficult to detect and address an issue at an early stage. As a result, the headphones’ wires are always frail and do not have the ability to return to their previous position. As the tension mounts, we discover a tangle of wires that is beginning to twist and turn.

Effect of twirling headphone cable

Twisting headphones cables may have a negative impact on both the wire and the sound quality of the headphones itself. As a result, if you don’t care to check it out in the first place, you may lose your headphones.

As a similar example, consider what happens when wires begin to be twisted on a regular basis. As soon as the cable bends or moves in an unnatural way, the plastic cover begins to degrade and the copper wire within begins to protrude. It will have an effect on the sound quality of your headphones. In addition, your headphones’ sound quality may be irreparably harmed.

Pro Tip: If you are using cheap or mid-range headphones, you may need to check the cable each day. The reason is these types of headphones do not offer good quality cables, and it is more susceptible than the premium headphones.

How to get kinks out of headphone cords 

Here are some ways for straightening the wires of your headphones. These procedures are simple and straightforward, and they’ll help you straighten up the cable immediately.

Running headphone wire through fingers.

It’s a simple and straight-forward method that you may put to work right now. To secure the wire between your index finger and thumb, snap it in between the two fingers. Tighten your grasp and work the cord through your fingers little by bit. Begin at one end and work your way to the other. Repeating the operation until the wire regains its original form is necessary.. Doing it twice or three times is usually sufficient.

Use weight to straighten the cables. 

If you’ve previously used any way to straighten the wire, this approach is good, but it isn’t as successful as you’d want.

Consider the implications of what you’ve just said. You’ll be pleased with the outcomes. However, the process is lengthy. To begin, use a door hook or coat hook to hang your headphones. Second, use the other end to connect something, such as a weighted object. Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before giving up hope. You may hang your headphones on a wall or a table for this reason.

Pro Tip: While hanging headphones, you have to use anything which has little weight. If you tie anything heavy, it will pull out the cable from the headphone, and the result will not be pleasing for you.

Hang headphone with dedicated stand

How To Straighten Headphone Wires

If you have a phone stand, you don’t need it. You may use it to keep the headset and the cable neat and tidy. As a bonus, it reveals to you that you have a desk stand and can keep your headphones on it. Your headphone cable will never longer get tangled or twisted thanks to this device. A headphone stand isn’t necessary if you can’t afford one or don’t like it. A headphone hook is a simple and inexpensive way to organise your headphones.

However, if you are looking for a free way to keep your headphone cable organised, this is the method for you. Headphones may easily be hung from an arch on the desktop display. As you can see, it’s a breeze to follow.

Use a hair dryer to straighten the headphone cable.

Using a hairdryer isn’t a good idea. However, a badly twisted headphone cord might ruin your listening experience. The form may be restored with a hairdryer. In order to begin, grab a hair dryer and turn it on, but maintain the temperature at a low setting. Begin by heating the headphone cable. The wire should be readily manipulated after a period of time. It’s time to start bending and framing it back into shape.

Pro tip: Always keep your dryer’s warm level low when you use it to straighten the wire. 

How to stop headphone wires from curling?

Preventing the curling of the headphone cord is the best course of action. Curling of the headphone wire can be prevented in a few ways.

Use headphone stand to straighten coiled headphone cable

Using a headphone stand or hook is the best method to keep the wire from curling. It will remind you to return it to the stand when you’ve finished using it. Instead of using a headphone stand, be extra careful and consistent while handling the wires. Curled headphone wires are the price you pay for not being extra careful. Steps may be taken in any direction, and there’s nothing complicated about it.

Store your headphone correctly

How To Straighten Headphone Wires

Headphone wire curling may be prevented by using a specific case or headphone pouch. In addition to extending the lifespan of your headphones, this method will keep them secure. Headphones may be hung from a headphone hook or a table stand.

The bag and case for your headphones are intended to keep them safe and secure. Because the enclosure has predetermined spaces for headphones and cable, there is no way to coil the wire. Keeping your headphone wire from curling is a good idea, but you should also carry them about with you at all times.

Rubber Band

For earbuds, headphones, or a gaming headset, a rubber band is a must-have accessory. Make a coil or wrap the wire using any of the methods outlined above. To finish it off, just wrap the rubber band over the wire’s windings and tighten the knot.

Note : Although these all are pretty useful methods for wired headphones or earbuds or a gaming headset, As time goes on everything starts getting into modern form, and the wired headphone changes the way to wireless. Therefore, If you want to get rid of the wired system permanently, you can get wireless headphones.


Hope that this tutorial will help you get free of the curling issue straight soon. It is best to arrange oneself in the first place in order to alleviate the stress. Additionally, a headphone stand or case may be used in this situation.

Additionally, wireless headphones may eliminate all of these issues. If you can’t afford it, try to keep your wires straight and orderly.

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