How to Stop Discord from Pausing Spotify?

Many users use the Discord programme for screen sharing in a variety of settings, such as when playing games or while participating in a conference call. The following problem message appears when you are sharing your screen with your opponents: “Your microphone has been transmitting for 30 seconds, Spotify playing has been halted.”

I’ll provide you with information on how to prevent Discord from interrupting your Spotify listening experience in this post. In addition, I will present you with the most effective answer to your issue. Follow the procedures outlined below to resolve the issue of how to prevent Discord from interrupting Spotify 2022.

How to stop discord from pausing spotify

How to Stop Discord from Pausing Spotify?

To resolve this issue with your device, here is a solution that is guaranteed to work on all computer platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and many more. You may also test it out on other devices if you like. Check out the steps in the section below to resolve the issue.

How to Stop Discord from Pausing Spotify?

Open the Discord programme on your phone. Select User Settings from the drop-down menu on the bottom left side of the screen. Now, from the side menus, go to connections and click on the connections link. You may have linked your Discord account to a number of other programmes, but Just unlink from the Spotify programme on the opposite side of the screen, not from any other apps.

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The ability to connect Spotify and Discord in order to display the status of live music is a nice addition. This is a problem, though, if you routinely broadcast music on Discord with your pals in addition to other platforms.

So, in that scenario, you may either use different Spotify accounts for each or use a single Spotify account for both. However, you would be need to pay for two Spotify memberships, one for each account.

So, if you merely want to get rid of the problem, the easiest option is to deactivate your Spotify account from Discord and then stream music via it. This will assist you in disabling Discord’s automatic pause of Spotify music.

Hopefully, you found this post useful in learning how to prevent Discord from pausing Spotify every 30 seconds by following the instructions. Maintain a close eye on The Discord Guide for further useful stuff.

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