How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X

It is now possible to play Xim Apex on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The Xim Apex will not operate out of the box; you will need to utilise BETA firmware on your device and a BETA version of the XIM management companion software in order for it to work. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of configuring Xim Apex on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

How to use Xim Apex on PS5 games?

First and foremost, let’s speak about the PlayStation 5, which isn’t nearly as straightforward as the Xbox Series X. You must connect a third-party Playstation 4 controller to Xim Apex in order to utilise it with PS5 games for authentication. The PS5 will not yet support DS5 Dualsense, DS4 or DS3 controllers while playing PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 titles, in contrast to the PS3 and PS4, which both supported DS3 and DS4 controllers.

For an up to date list of compatible 3rd party controllers, check out the Xim website or the Xim Central Youtube channel

Step 1. Update your Xim Apex with BETA firmware

It is necessary to update your Xim Apex with the most recent version of Xim Beta Firmware before proceeding. According to this article’s publication date, the most recent version is Xim Apex Beta 20210625. To locate this, go to the Xim website and browse to the downloads page, where you will find it under support > downloads > xim apex downloads. From there, you may access the BETA firmware page by clicking on the link.

The title of the most recent firmware will always include the word LATEST. Make careful you download the BETA firmware tool, since the standard firmware is designed for use with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and other consoles, and will not work with the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X
How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Install the firmware utility on your computer after downloading it. Connect the Xim Apex to your computer while holding down the button on the device. Hold the button down until the Xim Apex light becomes blue, and then release it. Start the firmware tool and choose “Update firmware” from the drop-down menu. Remove the Xim Apex when the flashing process is complete.

Step 2. Connect your hardware

It’s time to connect your Xim Apex to your computer’s peripherals. If you’re looking for a list of compatible devices, check out the Xim Apex compatibility list.

The Xim hub contains three ports, which are labelled one through three. Connect your mouse to port 1, your keyboard to port 2, and your controller to port 3 to complete the setup. Always make sure your controller is turned off before connecting it to Xim Apex to avoid miscommunication.

Next, connect the Xim hub to the Xim Apex, and then connect the Xim Apex to your console, which should already be powered up and ready to go.

How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Step 3. Installing game configurations. 

However, since you haven’t yet generated a configuration for either your mouse or your keyboard, your controller should be functional in the game. If your controller isn’t responding in-game, see the troubleshooting instructions on the Xim website for assistance. The USB cord is the most probable source of the problem. Most standard charge cords are not capable of transmitting data, which is why you need a special cable for this purpose.

The Xim Apex BETA management companion app, which can be downloaded to your Android or IOS phone or tablet, is required in order to build a game setup. It is essential that you download the BETA version, which has the word LATEST in the title, and that you follow the instructions on the Xim website. Given the fact that this is a BETA version of the software, iOS users will first need to download TestFlight from the app store on their device.

How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X
How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Upon starting up the Xim Apex Manager, and after accepting the licence agreement and downloading the most recent game support, the Xim Apex manager will attempt to establish a Bluetooth connection with your Xim Apex. At this point, you should press the button on your Xim Apex to establish a connection with the Xim Apex management.

You will be prompted to build a new configuration for the game and console if you are connecting for the first time using the Xim manager.

Step 4. Configuring your Xim Apex

Once you have the game configuration loaded, the configuration will have a pre-configured state that allows you to begin utilising it immediately after loading it. You’ll most likely want to tweak the parameters to make them more conducive to your playing style. This manager enables you to fine tune the sensitivity of your mouse and map your movement and actions to a keyboard, mouse, or joystick with the click of a button.

How to setup Xim Apex on PS5 and Xbox Series X

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