How To Send Blank Message On iPhone

On iMessage, the iPhone does not provide us with the ability to send a blank message. It was a fairly simple task before iPhone upgraded its software, but today things are quite different and they do not provide us an option like this. However, if you are here, then yes, we are going to do something interesting.

According to Apple, the only things that can be typed in the conversation portion of your iPhone are some text, stickers, gifs, emoticons, and images. On an iPhone, you are unable to send blank texts unless you first input nothing. Many of us enjoy sending blank messages on our mobile devices, but have you ever wondered what happens when we send one? It’s possible to surprise your friends with only a basic text message or an empty message sent through iMessage.

If you want to send a blank message, the send button on your iPhone will not display, and if it does appear, pushing the up arrow button will have no effect. Therefore, in the event that your friends are unaware of this technique, you might send a blank message on your iPhone message to your pals in order to attract their additional attention.

The majority of people believe that in order to send a blank message on iPhone, some sort of software is required, and that this feature may only be available on PC. But this is not the case, and today I will explain the way that is the least complicated to you. All you need to do is attentively follow the procedures that are given below.

How To Send Blank Message On iPhone

  • Open your Messaage app on your iPhone.
  • As you can see, the cover on my message box has been taken off in its entirety.
  • Select the chat of the person to whom you want to send a blank message and then open the conversation by clicking on the chat’s name.
How To Send Blank Message On iPhone
  • You can begin typing once you have brought up the keyboard by tapping on the text box in which you wish to enter some text. Once the keyboard is open, you can start entering text.
  • After that, copy the code that is blank within the square brackets, then paste it in the text field after taking care to do so.
  • After you have pasted in the blank code, you are not permitted to type anything into the chat box.
  • At this point, you should just push the up arrow button.
  • At this moment in time, the message is absolutely absent of any content whatsoever, as can be seen.


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