How To Reset Intel Nuc

In this article we explain how to reset an Intel NUC. But first let’s take a look at what it is and it’s pros and cons.

What is an Intel NUC?

An Intel NUC is a miniaturised personal computer with an extremely compact form factor. The first generation of Intel NUCs was introduced in 2012, and since then, Intel has continued to improve them by incorporating new technologies to make them even more powerful and efficient. You may choose between three alternative CPU configurations: one with an i3 processor, another with an i5 processor, and another with an i7 processor. Its tiny form factor implies that it will not take up much space, allowing you to place it practically anyplace without having to worry about having enough space for this computer.

If you prefer Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or 11, an Intel NUC is compatible with those operating systems; however, you must buy the operating system separately since these computers do not come pre-installed. These PCs have the advantage of being portable like laptops because to their small size, yet they perform like desktop computers. This is a terrific feature. As a result, the Intel NUC is ideal for travelling or relocating to other locations. Employees may have a PC with them at all times, eliminating the necessity for a computer at home or at work.

Despite the fact that the Intel NUC contains all of the connectors you would expect from a typical PC, what makes these machines stand out is that they come equipped with technologies that are not accessible on traditional laptops or desktop computers, such as WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility. You may connect to your mobile devices without being confined to a single location, which is convenient.

Because of its tiny size, the Intel NUC supports up to 16GBs of RAM, making it a long-term investment that will survive for a long time before needing replacement components due to normal wear and tear. With its tiny form factor comes a cheap price, enabling even more individuals to purchase a personal computer at an affordable price.

Intel has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the PC industry, and while they continue to provide laptops and desktops, there is an increasing demand for these small PCs that, despite their small size, pack a punch and are extremely versatile and portable. Intel has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the PC industry, and although they still provide laptops and desktops, there is an increasing demand for these small PCs that pack a punch and are extremely versatile and portable. You can quickly attach it to your TV or monitor and then disconnect it just as effortlessly if you decide not to use it.


When you own an Intel NUC, you will save money on your energy bill since it consumes less power than when you own another kind of computer such as a laptop or desktop computer. When using this computer, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to plug it in since it is equipped with thunderbolt technology, which enables you to charge your devices via USB ports while still connected to your television.

One of the most popular Intel NUC models is the NUC5i3RYH, which provides a fantastic mix of power and value for money in a small and affordable package. If you use it properly, you can anticipate this Intel NUC to survive for around five years, making it a long-term investment that will be well worth it in the long run. You can get your job done fast and effectively while still being able to operate contemporary day apps such as word processing software or excel spreadsheets at a respectable pace thanks to its Intel core i3 CPU and 4GB of RAM, as measured by the PCMark test. This is ideal if you aren’t seeking for anything too complex, such as video editing software, which would need far higher hardware than this. You may purchase this Intel NUC with confidence that it will meet your basic computing requirements. Despite the fact that the PC comes preloaded with Windows 10 out of the box, if you need another operating system such as Mac OS or Linux, you should feel free to install it instead since the PC comes preinstalled with a licence key for Windows 10.

If you want to connect multiple devices to your PC via ethernet cables, the Intel NUC has two of them. If ethernet cables are not your thing, there are also built-in wireless capabilities, which means that even though the board is small enough to fit underneath your monitor with ease, it still has all of the great connectivity options that larger PCs do. It only needs 32gb of storage space at the most, making it ideal for dismantling and utilising as a media PC, or for concealing in a cupboard to provide smart home capability and functionality. It has an Intel i3 CPU, but it can be upgraded to an i7 processor for an additional cost. It also includes a 2.5 inch hard drive port, which allows you to use either a tiny SSD or big HDD depending on your requirements.

The fact that it has two RAM slots, both of which support DDR3L, means that it will be future proof for quite some time if you don’t intend on upgrading anytime soon. It comes pre-installed with Intel HD graphics, however it may be upgraded to include either a separate graphics card or an onboard graphics processor from AMD or nvidia if you purchase one of their m-atx motherboards.

How To Reset Intel Nuc


The NUC isn’t exactly heavy duty when it comes to running games at 1080p, though its not designed for gaming anyway so this shouldn’t really be used as your only reason for buying one. If your interested in mining cryptocurrency then they make great little miners because of their capabilities of running 24/7 without going over 70 degrees celsius where most GPUs will stay at 80 to 90 degrees celsius when in use.

How to Reset an Intel NUC?

  • Hold down the power button for 20 seconds, then loosen your grip and release the power button. After doing so, re-press and keep holding down the power button until your NUC turns off completely. You can now let go of the power button again. The process takes roughly 30 seconds in total from start to finish, not including booting time after turning on once more.
  • When your NUC boots back up press F2 immediately or wait 2 seconds and it should load the bios menu. Once your in the bios section use the arrow keys to navigate and click enter when you find advanced.
  • Once in advanced mode use the arrow keys to navigate up or down until you find “reset config” select this option by pressing enter on it with your arrow keys and press enter again when prompted for confirmation of your choice.
  • Wait approximately 3-5 seconds for a message to display saying something along the lines of ‘operation complete’. When done, exit out of bios using F10 and allow your system to reboot.

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