How to Reset a GPU – Complete Guide

Resetting your graphics card may be necessary if it is functioning strangely. For those who are unfamiliar with the procedure, this might be a challenging task. In this post, we’ll take you through the process of resetting a graphics processing unit (GPU). We will also give some pointers to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. If your graphics card is experiencing issues with games or display output, take these steps to get it back in working order!

Why is My GPU Usage So High?

When playing video games, it is fairly usual to see a high GPU use of 90 percent to 100 percent. It simply indicates that there is no restriction to your frames per second (FPS) or that V-Sync has been turned off, enabling rendering to occur at the highest speed permitted by your graphics card.

You should be pleased with the high GPU utilisation since it indicates that you are taking use of the card to its full potential, resulting in a flawless gaming experience with a very high frame rate.

Is a High GPU Usage Bad?

No, high GPU use is generally not considered a negative characteristic. A high GPU utilisation rate implies that you are using the full potential of your graphics hardware.

You should be pleased that your GPU card is operating at peak performance without any impediment from the operating system. These graphics cards are intended to provide you with the highest frame rate and the greatest gameplay views possible.

When the CPU is sluggish or there is a restriction set on the number of frames per second, your GPU utilisation may be restricted and your game may not run at its peak. That is the time when you should be concerned.

How to Decrease GPU Usage

While a high GPU does not harm your computer, if you still want to reduce it, try these suggestions:

  • Enable V-Sync or any other frame limiting mechanism on your computer. This may have a slight impact on the gaming video but will still do the trick.
  • Tweaking the game settings is another way to optimize your GPU usage. These will be game-specific changes like a higher resolution or enabling Future Frame Rendering etc.
  • Blocking unwanted traffic: if your GPU is showing extreme usage due to external traffic, then you may want to analyze and block these external links.
  • Killing the background apps or unnecessary processes: Another reason for the spike in GPU could be the apps running in the background. This may be a hindrance to your gaming experience. Kills these unnecessary apps to reduce your GPU usage and enjoy your game.

Why your GPU Usage is at 100%

Whenever you’re playing a game that utilises the utmost power of your graphics card, your GPU utilisation will often reach 100 percent.

Your GPU is operating at full capacity since your game requires it, and your CPU is able to keep up with it as well. Most high-graphics games with a high frame rate would put a strain on your graphics card, resulting in a high GPU unless you have some form of FPS restriction in place.

To summarise, the following are the causes for high GPU utilisation:

  • Demands of the game: some games need a high FPS to render seamless video for the best gaming experience. If you are playing these games, then your GPU is likely to peak. PubG is one such popular game.
  • No cap of the frame rate: disabling V-Sync and any other setting that puts a cap on your frame rate also results in high GPU in some high graphics games. No limit on your frame rate means, your system can render the maximum number of frames per second. Your GPU is being fully utilized and you will get the best gaming experience as well.
  • High FPS settings in the game: Some games have an in-built setting to push for high FPS, it is like a pre-requisite for the perfect gaming exposure.
  • Some external apps or processes spiking the GPU usage (rarely though): In some cases, the spike in the GPU usage may be due to external and unwanted load as well. This can be due to some apps running in the background as well.

Why Does my GPU Usage Spike from 0 to 100%?

The spike in your GPU usage from 0 to 100% is most likely related to the graphic intense game you’re playing. You may have noticed that the GPU usage also varies from one game to another.

Here are the main culprits for the spike in GPU usage:

  • Recent system upgrade: If you have done a system upgrade recently, then that could be one of the reasons for the spike if the updates are still running in the background. This is especially true if the version being upgraded to is far ahead of your current system version.
  • Your choice of the game: The spikes in the GPU usage may be attributed to your game. Some games are designed to use more GPU than the others. There may even be some settings in your game that ask for high GPU usage. Check that out.
  • Your system configuration: is another culprit to look out for. A small size RAM can become a burden for your GPU while playing games. A cap on the frame rate could also have a similar effect.
  • An issue with your monitor driver: Unwanted spikes and drops in the GPU usage while playing games can be related to your monitor driver too. You may want to reinstall the existing driver or download the latest one from an authentic company website to see if things are better.
  • Malware: if your system security is breached and there is any malware in it, then that could also be a reason for the GPU spike.

How to Fix High GPU Usage of 100%

Once we figure out what’s causing the excessive GPU utilisation, it’ll only be a matter of time until we can figure out how to repair it. Here’s what you can do to get started:

  • Run an anti-virus scan: a thorough scanning of the system and running regular scans is a good practice to keep malware at bay. Removing any malware in the system could just solve for GPU issues magically.
  • Killing unwanted apps in the background: Check to see if there are some applications running in the background that are eating up your GPU. To find these apps, the best solution would be to uninstall all the unnecessary or unused apps. Another way is to meticulously analyze one-by-one the apps that are impacting your GPU usage and take corrective actions.
  • Use Process Explorer: This is one of the best options from Microsoft to help find and remove unwanted apps eating up your GPU. While you are at it, please be careful not to remove the software and application you need.
  • Upgrade to the latest driver version: it is time to dump your old graphical driver if you are still running it. Upgrade to the latest version or invest in a new driver to get the best results.
  • Reinstall the game: If nothing else works, this is the last one to try. Uninstall the game, clear the cache, restart the machine and then do a fresh install. Many times, this works well too.

What Should My GPU Usage be when Gaming?

Ideally, you should have your GPU running at between 98 and 100 percent of its full capacity if you want to get the best possible performance. If your GPU use is lower than expected, this indicates that something is preventing your GPU from being fully utilised.

So, the next time your GPU use reaches 100 percent while you’re playing your favourite game, don’t fear; instead, rejoice in the knowledge that nothing is preventing you from having the finest gaming experience possible. Take pleasure in the game.

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