How to remove quick access on Facebook search

If you are searching for How to remove quick access on Facebook search?, then you have come to the right place because in this post, we will explain a way that really works to disable quick access on Facebook.

The “Quick access” function of the Facebook app has only just lately been made available to users. By pressing on the search icon, you will be able to use this option. It is simply shown on top of the most recent queries.

What is Quick access on Facebook?

The fast access tool, as its name implies, provides you with some quick recommendations, which are based on your most frequent visits to the site.

Can You Turn Off Quick Access On Facebook App?

On Facebook, deleting Quick access is not an option that can be accessed directly. However, as is our custom, we will provide a covert method that will enable you to get rid of it. Consequently, without more preamble, let us begin with our essay.

How to remove quick access on Facebook search

  • If you download the main Facebook application and then open it and press on the search icon, you’ll see a fast access bar at the top of your screen.
How to remove quick access on Facebook search
  • Now When you download the Facebook Lite app version, open it, and then press the search button, you will see that there is no fast access at the top of the screen.
  • And here is the catch: if you utilize the Facebook Lite edition rather than one of its major versions, rapid access will not be available to you. In addition, whether you use the online version of Facebook on a mobile device or a desktop computer, the Quick Access area that is normally located below the search bar will not be there.

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Wrap up

The information presented here is all about How to remove fast access from Facebook search results. I hope it is of assistance to you.

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