How to Remix Snaps on Snapchat

Snapchat’s Remix” feature enables users to create new Snaps by merging their own Snaps with those of their friends. These new Snaps can then be shared with others. You have the capability of recording your own Snap alongside the original while it plays, very similarly to how the Duets tool operates on TikTok.

This post will show you how to construct Snap Remixes, which will boost the enjoyment element of your experience with Snapchat to an entirely new level.

What Are Snapchat Remixes?

Utilizing the Remix feature, you are able to simultaneously record a video reaction to a friend’s Snap as your friend’s clip plays directly alongside it. You have the ability to choose from a variety of different formats when you are recording your Remix. For example, you can choose to have your video appear next to, above, or in the corner of the original footage. When you play back your Remix, the original footage will stay in the same position that it was in when it was first recorded.

This feature undeniably resembles TikTok’s Duets, which are normally designated for true song duets as well as amusing collaborations or reactions. On the other side, its function is analogous to amusing partnerships or reactions. The old video is shown concurrently with the new one in a duet, which is essentially simply a fancier word for a video that contains both of the artists’ previous works. Users of TikTok have the ability to alter the look of the Duet screen in a manner that is analogous to that of Snapchat.

How to Remix Snaps on Snapchat

To create a Snapchat Remix, you must first:

  1. Launch the Stories tab, then choose the Snap you’d like to Remix from the gallery.
  2. Tap the icon that looks like three vertical dots in the top-right corner, then select Remix Snap from the menu that appears.
  3. To spice up the presentation, select a new frame from the selection to the left that is labelled “layout.”
  4. You may edit your Snap like you normally would, adding things like GIFs, stickers, and filters, among other things.
  5. To finish, select the Remix you want to send to a friend, and then press the Send icon.

There is also the option to create Remixes using your previous Snaps. To accomplish this, go to the Memories tab on your phone, choose a Snap, and then go with the procedures outlined above, 2 through 5.

How to Remix Snaps on Snapchat

For the time being, you won’t be able to save or share any Snap Remixes that you create using the Snaps of your pals. On the other hand, Remixes that you make using your own Memories can be saved, shared, and sent to other people.

Get More Creative With Your Snaps

You now have even more imaginative opportunities to have fun with Snapchat thanks to the Remix function. Utilize this function to make Snapchat even more engaging, and have a good time interacting with your pals while you do so.


What is Snapchat remix?

Using their friends’ Snaps, users will be able to create new material – a “remix,” to be precise. For the time being, the tool will only enable users to remix a Snap and send it back to a buddy. Similar to TikTok Duets, you may record your own Snap in the background while the original is playing.

Can you see if someone remixes a snap?

Snapchat’s Remix function has been spotted by a reverse engineer on Twitter, @alex193a. As with TikTok Duets, Snapchat allows users to upload a story, switch on a toggle allowing friends to Remix and share, then tag their friends and see who can remix their Snaps the best.

Can you edit a Snap story?

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit a story after it has been posted, as you can only share it or delete it. However, Snapchat lets you edit what’s called a Memory.

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