Is Fortnite, Epic Games’ well-known Battle Royale game, something you like playing on a computer? If so, this article is for you. You believe the game is really entertaining; but, you get the sensation that certain players have an advantage: it nearly seems as if they are able to shoot correctly in any situation. As a result, you’ve done some research and learned that there is an aim aid system, known as Aim Assist, that can be used on both PC and consoles, but you’re not sure how to use it. If that’s the case, be assured that you’ve arrived at the correct location!

To be more specific, I’ll explain in detail how to enable aim help on Fortnite PC in today’s lesson. In case you were wondering, I will go into great length regarding this potential, including teaching you how to activate and configure it appropriately, as well as discussing how it works in practise. I will also not miss to demonstrate to you some strategies for improving your aim in the Epic Games Battle Royale, as well as some recommendations that I hope will be of assistance to you.

Courage, why are you still standing there unmoving in front of the computer screen, staring at the screen? What if you could figure out how to get flawless hits in Fortnite? I believe you do, based on the fact that you are reading this tutorial with interest. Simply set aside a few minutes of your time and follow the simple guidelines provided below to complete the task. After that, there is nothing else for me to do except offer you a pleasant reading experience and wish you a nice time!



Prior to going into the specifics of how to enable aim help on Fortnite PC, I believe it would be beneficial for you to learn more about this potential.

You should be aware that theAim Assist is a feature that allows gamers to have a more enjoyable and competitive experience when playing video games. To put it another way, if a player shoots in the general location of an opponent, the game “intervenes” by shifting the crosshairs and guiding the projectiles appropriately. In other words, instead of presenting a “silhouette” to your adversary, you might strike him.

This is a technique that is typically employed on consoles, where the controller is the primary input method for the system. Because it is difficult to aim with the pad at fast speeds while using a manual aim on this platform, it might be tough to strike the opponent in certain situations, particularly when doing the most exciting movements.

When using a computer, the speech is different since the most popular input method is comprised of a mouse and a keyboard. It is true that these peripherals provide quicker and more accurate movements in comparison to a controller. So it’s understandable that manual aim exists on computers, and the situation is as follows: players that use the mouse and keyboard are unable to take benefit of the Aim Assist.

Although Fortnite for PC is compatible with the controller, it is not possible to activate or adjust the aim assist on a computer unless the latter is connected to the game console. Some players have expressed dissatisfaction with Aim Assist since its adoption, claiming that it benefits those who play with a controller at the expense of others who prefer to use a mouse and keyboard.

Because it is possible to alter the input method directly inside the game, users using mouse and keyboards within servers may come into contact with those using controllers in the game. As a result, there is nothing wrong with wanting to utilise the pad on Fortnite for PC since we are discussing a potential that has been explicitly permitted by Epic Games.



After clarifying what aim assist is, I would think that you are ready to use it at this point in the conversation.

To continue, launch Fortnite, go to the Battle Royale mode screen, then press the Esc key on your keyboard to exit. Following that, choose the item Settings first, followed by the controller icon (the fifth from left to right). Now, scroll down the page and drag the lever in the direction of the choice you want. Make use of the sophisticated options available. Yes.

Perfect, now you only have to make sure that the bar Intensity Aim Aid isn’t turned off (i.e. set to 0 percent ). My recommendation is to set this option to 100 percent immediately in order to get the most possible advantage. You may, on the other hand, plainly practise in the different games and determine which value is the one that best matches your playing style.


After that, hit the button A on the keyboard to make the modifications; then press Esc to return to the main menu, and have a coworker sit in front of the computer as the controller. If you have a vintage PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller, I suggest that you look at my instructions on how to connect a PlayStation 4 joystick to a PC and how to connect an Xbox One controller to a PC for further information.

Now all you have to do is start any one of the Partitas and use the Aim Assist feature. Seen? It didn’t take long at all for you to achieve your objective!



How would you put it? Previously, you used to play Fortnite on PC and would want to enhance your aiming skills without the help of Aim Assist? Nothing to worry about; I will instantly provide you with some advise that you may find beneficial.

The peripherals are the first item you should take into consideration. In reality, professional Fortnite players often employ versions of mouse, keyboard, and controller that are specifically developed for gaming.

There are attachments to suit every taste, and I can promise you that the competitive edge provided by peripherals built specifically for gaming may be significant in some situations. To learn more about gaming mice and keyboards, I suggest that you check out my recommendations to the best gaming mouse and best gaming keyboards.

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For the remainder, you may wish to experiment with different target sensitivity levels. This can be accomplished by simply going to the main menu of Fortnite and pressing the pulsating Esc key on your keyboard. From there, pick the item Settings and hit the onmouse and keyboard icon or the oncontroller icon, depending on your preferred input method. In this section, you will discover a number of choices that will enable you to “modify” your target.

Another option that you may find interesting is the one that deals with shadows, which is a visual effect that might make it difficult to target foes that are far away from you. As for turning off the “dark regions,” just go to the game’s settings and choose themonitor symbol from the menu bar. I’ll include your No the choice linked to ombre in the article. Keep in mind that you must hit the A key on your keyboard to have the changes take effect.


As an alternative to that, it could be interesting to practise with a specialised tool sterni, such as the one provided by the 3D Aim Trainer website. It is also possible to learn from specialists by viewing their films and listening to their radio and television broadcasts. I welcome you to study my lessons on how to improve aim on Fortnite PC for further information on the specifics of the situation.

As a reminder, Epic Games is always changing, and as a result, the creators may decide to make modifications to aim assist or the overall gaming experience at any time without prior notice. So please consider the information provided in this page to be strictly suggestive rather than authoritative.

I also propose that you have a look at the page on my website devoted to Epic Games’ Battle Royale, where you can discover a variety of lessons that may be appropriate for you given your previous experience with Fortnite.

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