How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI

The Covid-19 epidemic has triggered a worldwide recession, and although gamers are going bananas over Sony’s recent PlayStation V (PS5) launch, we doubt Sony will be able to earn as much money right now. It is therefore safe to assume that the PS4 will be in high demand for some time to come.

Far Cry on the PlayStation 4 might be a frustrating experience if you find your television won’t turn on. An uncomfortable scenario like this is the kind of thing that pushes computer gamers to their screens. How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI is explained in this article. Learn how in the next paragraphs.

Features of HDMI

HDMI is the most commonly used high definition transmission for transmitting both video and audio in high definition over a single link. “

It may be found in a wide range of AV products, from professional to personal. For connecting gadgets to the television, such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, PlayStations, and AppleTVs, HDMI is the most often used cable in households.

Aside from connecting domestic audio-video devices, HDMI is now increasingly being used to connect laptops and personal PCs. Because of this, it is quickly becoming the industry standard for sending audio and video signals between devices in the corporate and commercial sectors for education, presentation, digital signage and retail display.


  • With a data transmission capacity of 10.4 to 11.0 gigabits per second, these connections are top-notch.
  • In recent years, HDMI cables have become more popular as a high-definition transmission medium. Besides that, SCART leads are offered.
  • With HDMI leads, you can decrease the amount of wires you have running from your high-definition devices.
  • HDMI is a basic feature on most modern electronic entertainment devices. HDMI cables resemble USB wires in terms of their physical design.
  • The number of audio channels that may be carried over a single HDMI cable is up to eight. HDMI cables already on the market are already capable of supporting future updates.
  • HDMI cable prices are mostly determined by their specifications and functionalities.

How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI?

How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI

You can easily play PS4 on a laptop with the help of HDMI; only one thing is necessary: good connections. Now I will discuss different that will assist you in understanding How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI?

Through Remote Plays

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect your PS4 to Sony’s remote play streaming service and display it on your laptop screen using the first way.

What is Remote Play?

Remote Play is a brand-new feature from Sony that allows customers to play PlayStation 4 games on other devices that are compatible with the PlayStation 4. You no longer have to worry about whether or not anybody else is watching television since you can now play your favourite games on your smartphone or laptop.

Things Required for Connection Remote Play

For those unfamiliar with Sony’s remote play service, it is a PlayStation 4 feature that enables PC and Mac users to get pleasure by gaming on their favorite desktop monitor applications.

However, to properly configure the environment, you’ll need the following items to connect the PS4 and laptop.

  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • PlayStation 4 Account
  • Internet
  • USB cord
  • PC


  • You’ll need to install Remote Play on your computer to get started.
  • On your console, go to Settings > Psn Network > User Management and connect to the Internet to do so. Activate the ‘Activate as Primary PS4‘ option.
  • Use ‘System Software Update‘ to upgrade your device’s software to version 3.50.
    Once you’ve done so, go to System > Remote Play Connections Settings and choose Enable Remote Play connecting settings.
  • Your console must be turned on in order to use Remote Play on a Mac or PC (or better yet, in rest mode).
  • Take a look at your electricity-saving options in the settings. The Sleep Mode Functions Configuration dialogue box opens on this page: Turn on the PS4 over the network if you want to.
  • Start the Remote Play programme you’ve downloaded on your PC and begin using it.
  • To get the most out of your gaming experience, go to the Settings menu and tweak the refresh rate and resolution to your monitor’s specs. The greater the number of visual choices accessible on your desktop computer, the more efficient it is.
  • When utilising the USB port on the PS4 controller, connect it to your computer. Pushing the PlayStation and Sharing buttons on your controller at the same time will allow you to connect wirelessly.
  • As soon as the operator’s LED starts flashing, plug it into your laptop through USB. In around four to five seconds, your controller will connect to the Internet. Repeat this step if it takes longer than expected.

Through Capture Card

How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI

You may still use a Capture Card to play PS4 on a laptop screen through HDMI. The following items will be required to configure the environment.

  • Laptop
  • Card for Video Capture
  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • Internet Connection through Wireless
  • Ethernet cables connected to a single router
  • HDMI with Dual Functions
  • File Sharing Is Now Available


  • Connect your Video Capture Card (VCC) via USB to your computer and turn it on. It is highly recommended that you make use of a high-end VCC.
  • Using an S-Video cable, connect the Video Capture Card to any PlayStation 4 system. To connect the console’s HDMI-out port to the VCC, and the VCC’s HDMI-in port to the console, follow these instructions.
  • Start the Video Capture Card application on your computer and turn on the console. Your console will be shown on the screen.

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Video Guide

Can I Play Ps4 Without Hdmi?

Using an HDMI converter to connect a PS4 to a TV without HDMI is one of the most accurate and easy methods. In order to see it on a television, the signal is transformed. Connect the Playstation portable’s HDMI port to one end of the HDMI converter, and the other end to the other end of the HDMI port.

How Can You Use Your Laptop as a Monitor for My Ps4?

To utilise your laptop as a monitor, you’ll need an HDMI or video capture device. To put it another way, with the help of Ps Remote Play, you may be able to play your PlayStation 4 “on” your computer. Using your PC, you can play PlayStation 4 games that aren’t nearby, just as you can with PS Vita.

Does Ps4 Remote Play Work on a Laptop?

PS Remote Play works with Android phones and tablets, iOS gadgets including the iPhone or iPad, Windows, Macs, and PlayStation 5 and Ps4 consoles.


There are two ways to play PlayStation 4 on a laptop with an HDMI port, according to my investigation.

The simplest way to connect an HDMI cable to your laptop is to plug it in.

Viewing the output screen on your computer is as easy and cost-effective as connecting an HDMI cable to your laptop. My research shows that the two basic techniques for playing PS4 on a laptop screen through HDMI are both quick and easy.

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