How to Make GTA V Full Screen on PC

Everyone has experienced the pain of beginning a new game and having it open in a little window that only takes up a quarter of the screen’s real estate. A number of titles, including GTA V, which was just published for Android and PC, are affected by this issue. We understand that you don’t want to spend your time digging through the myriad of available options to try and locate the perfect one, so we’ll teach you precisely how to make GTA V full screen in this article to save you the trouble.

How to make GTA V Full Screen

Before proceeding with the rest of the procedures below, hit Alt+Enter on your keyboard to see if that helps. Full-screen mode may be accessed using a universal shortcut that works in most games and programmes. If this does not work, you will need to manually alter the settings in your game or application. Due to the fact that the basic game settings remain same regardless of the launcher you use, this tutorial is applicable to all versions of the game. Let’s get this party started!

Step 1: Access game settings

The first step is to launch the game and choose either the narrative mode or the internet option; it actually doesn’t matter which one you choose. Then click Esc to bring up the game’s menu, where you may pick the Settings option.

How to Make GTA V Full Screen on PC

Step 2: Open Graphics

Now select Graphics from the options on the right-hand side.

How to Make GTA V Full Screen on PC

Step 3: Change the resolution

Look for the Screen Type option and choose Full Screen from the drop-down menu. Then, just under that, choose the Resolution option and change it to the native resolution of your screen. When you’re finished, hit the Spacebar to save your changes, and the game will automatically convert to full-screen mode.

How to Make GTA V Full Screen on PC

Crystal Clear Views

Graphics cards and displays are quite powerful these days, and they are capable of presenting stunning visuals to the user. When you combine this with the gorgeous visuals in GTA V, which are still competitive with current games eight years after the game’s debut, you’ll want to play the game in its entirety to really appreciate it. Although no one understands why certain games will constantly default to the old resolutions in new games, it’s a simple fix that allows you to go back to gaming with crystal clear pictures as soon as possible.

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