How to Make Blank Comment and Posts on Instagram/Facebook

The information included in this thorough article will teach you how to post blank comments on all social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and a slew of other options.

Everyone is on the lookout for new ideas and tactics to wow their social media acquaintances, and this is no exception. The majority of them are complicated and need the use of technical knowledge. But don’t worry, we’ve got the simplest and most straightforward technique for you!

You will be able to create empty posts and leave blank comments on every platform, regardless of which one you are using. making use of our unique eerie text symbols Users of TikTok and other third-party apps may benefit from this feature, as can anybody posting an empty Facebook status update or posting an Instagram profile, among many other things. Simply use these steps instead of downloading a specific blank Instagram character:

How do we make blank comments and posts?

First and foremost, you should be familiar with how to create a blank comment or how to comment blank. You will use invisible characters or invisible text, to be more specific. This blank character that you will be using is a kind of text that is not supported by the majority of systems at this time.

Empty characters, blank text, invisible characters, and whitespace are all examples of whitespace. Although it seems to be a blank space, it is really a single character (Unicode). It may be used to create an empty gap between paragraphs of text or anything else without taking up real space.

Consider the following scenario: you want to use an empty value on a website or application, but the space character is not recognised. This situation calls for the usage of one of the Unicode characters. For example, you may send an empty message or alter the form value to “blank.” When the Unicode characters on this page are filtered by a programme or software, the characters on this website may not function properly.

This is the straightforward technique of copying and pasting a blank remark. You will find the invisible character copy that you will need farther down on this page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the blank area between the brackets, then paste it anywhere you wish. The blank space is in fact a Unicode character (U + 200C.)

Using the blank space to create a blank remark or post is as follows:

  • Copy the blank space down below from the Special Character Section at the end of the blog.
  • Paste it in the comment or post section.
  • Press Enter or click the Post button.
  • Voila! 

How to send an empty message in WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not let blank space messages to be sent. But you can still send a blank message on WhatsApp. You can use the blank character on this page to solve this problem. It is a different character than space but it looks the same. You may use it to send a blank message or set an empty status of your WhatsApp.

Empty Message in WhatsApp:

  • Select the empty space from the Special Character Section at the end of the blog.
  • Copy the blank space.
  • Paste it into the chat message.
  • Press Send to send the empty message!
How to Make Blank Comment and Posts on Instagram/Facebook

How To Send Blank Message and Empty Comment On Instagram

There is no way to send a blank message using Instagram, as there is with other social media platforms. The ability to execute such tasks existed a long time before, though. Instagram formerly enabled users to submit blank stories, put catchy names on their profiles, make their names invisible, and other similar actions on the Instagram app; however, Instagram has since been completely redesigned to make such actions impossible.

In the event that you want to send a blank message, Instagram will not display the send button. As a result, if you manage to post a blank message on Instagram, you will get a flood of positive feedback from your followers.

  • Make your way to the conclusion of the blog and copy the Instagram Special Blank Character that appears there.
  • Navigate to the chat portion of the programme, which is located in the top right corner of the application.
  • Make contact with the person to whom you wish to send a blank message by starting a chat session with them.
  • Copy the character and paste it into the message box.
  • It’s as simple as pressing the “send” button.
How to Make Blank Comment and Posts on Instagram/Facebook

Can a blank comment also be made on Instagram? Absolutely we can do so, and the same trick may also be utilized on Facebook by following the way I’ll explain below.

Blank Comment On Instagram:

  • Go to the end of the blog to see the blank comment and copy the Instagram Special Blank Character.
  • Open your mobile Instagram application or web version and go to any post’s comment section.
  • Paste the character in the comment section.
  • Just tap send or press Enter.
  • That’s it! A blank comment has been posted on Instagram.

How to make a blank post on Twitter

One time Twitter accidentally posted an empty tweet that got retweeted thousands of times. And after that people started wondering if there was any way that they could make a blank post as well. Well, there is, and it is quite simple as well.

Blank Post on Twitter:

  • Open Twitter and tap on the quill icon or add a new post option.
  • Copy the blank space in between these brackets: [ㅤㅤㅤㅤ}
  • Paste the invisible space in the post.
  • Press Enter or tap to send the tweet.
  • That’s it. You have made a blank Twitter post.
How to Make Blank Comment and Posts on Instagram/Facebook

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