How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

Using a stock picture is OK, but if you have the time and resources, it’s better to develop your own cover image for your Spotify playlist. On the internet, here’s how to go about it.

As a kid, I recall putting together a collection of songs with a pal (or possibly a significant other) and writing a list of the names on a note inside the jewelcase. For the very dedicated, you may even create your own cover art for your own unique blend.

Creating a playlist on Spotify is a lot more straightforward than it is on other platforms, but the principle is the same. Spotify allows you to upload your own cover photographs, so even the album art is incorporated in a personalised Spotify playlist. It’s OK to use a stock picture for your Spotify playlist cover, but it’s better if you create your own cover image. On the internet, this is how you do it:

  • Go to the Kapwing Studio
  • Create and Arrange Your Design
  • Download and Add to Spotify

Step 1: Go to the Kapwing Studio

You may start with photographs, text, geometric patterns, or anything else you want to use as a starting point for your playlist cover design. I suggest starting with the Kapwing Studio if you want to experiment with any of these possibilities. Go to in your browser on your phone or computer and click on the Start Editing option to begin editing your video. Upon clicking this, you will be sent directly to the Studio, where you may begin putting your cover art together.

How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

Step 2: Create and Arrange Your Design

If you want to start with a picture, you’ll probably want to use one that you have stored on your device or one that you obtained on the internet. Click the Upload button in either case to begin importing photographs into the Studio. This is where you may upload images from your device, post a link to a picture on the web, or shoot a fresh picture if you’re using a smartphone. You may also use the Images button in the Studio to do a Google search for the image you wish to use as a starting point, all while still within the Studio.

Following the addition of an image to begin with, I propose adding some unique text or geometric patterns to bring some interest to the page. Text boxes may be created in the Studio using the Text editor, which allows you to customise the font, colour, size, outline, position, background, and shadow. The shapes in the Effects tab allow you to build together patterns that have precise colours, transparency and auto-alignment, among other features. Here’s an example of a playlist cover I created for a retro flashback Spotify playlist that was inspired by the 1970s:

How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

If you don’t want to start with a picture, there are a variety of alternative methods to put your design together to get the ball rolling. You can create stunning and unique cover art for your Spotify playlist with nothing more than text and a pleasing background colour, and with a few more shapes, you can turn your cover art into something really spectacular:

How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

Step 3: Download and Add to Spotify

The red Export button will appear when your cover art is finished and looks exactly the way you want it to. Your image will be available to download in a matter of seconds after you click on it. When you click on the Download button, your Spotify cover will be stored immediately to your device’s memory.

How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

It takes no time at all to upload your picture to Spotify and use it as the cover of a playlist. On your computer, open the Spotify online player4 and go to your playlist. Click on the current cover of your playlist – it should consist of no more than four album covers that are featured in the playlist. This will instantly launch your computer’s file browser, allowing you to locate and pick your new cover picture from your computer’s storage. All that is left is for you to do is add it. It will display every time you open a Spotify playlist, whether it is personal or shared with the world.

How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

Video Guide

Can you change playlist cover on Spotify?

Now, all Spotify users (both Free and Premium) can upload unique cover images from their Android or iOS devices. Whether you’re listening together or apart this holiday season, this new feature can help you put the finishing touches on the perfect playlist to “gift” to loved ones in your life.

What is a Spotify plaque?

These plaques are custom-made music covers that look exactly like what you see on Spotify every time you play a song.

Why won’t my Spotify playlist covers change?

If your playlist cover is not updating we recommend that you first try logging out of your Spotify account, restarting your device and logging in anew. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s a good idea to run a clean reinstall to remove any possible damaged app files.

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