How to Make a Poll on Discord

Using poll bots or not, you’ll discover how to create a Discord poll for web and mobile in this tutorial.

Online polls are an excellent approach to find out what the general public thinks about a wide range of issues. Using them might be a great approach to collect feedback on a product or service. Polls may also help you learn more about your target audience’s psychographics or demographics.

As a steamer, you can utilise polls to keep your Discord community active and offer your followers the opportunity to express their opinions. For another thing, polls are more likely to get individuals to participate since they just need a single click.

Use polls on Discord, even if you work for a firm that utilises Discord for work-related chats. It’s possible to get quantitative feedback on a new product feature or a corporate retreat by asking simple yes/no questions to every member of the team.

We’ll go through all of the options for creating a poll in Discord in this post.

How to make a poll on Discord using Emoji reactions

You may quickly and easily poll your Discord community by using the built-in “reactions” feature. To use this feature, just compose a message and post it to the channel where you’d want to post your query. To let your followers know about the poll, be sure to include the hashtag @everyone in your post. Discord’s built-in emoji responses may then be used to communicate members’ opinions.

There are a number of ways in which you may utilise the (Tick mark) and (Cross) to indicate whether or not someone agrees or disagrees with what you’re saying.

Using Emoji responses, you can create a poll on Discord in a few simple steps.

  • Vote by entering your poll on the server and channel where it is most convenient for you.
  • Your poll question may be entered here.
How to Make a Poll on Discord
  • To advance to a new line, press ‘Shift + Enter‘, tag @everyone, and enter the poll instructions.
  • Finally, users of the channel may respond to the poll question using the emojis they’ve selected by clicking on the message.
How to Make a Poll on Discord

Voters may use emojis to choose from a variety of alternatives in a poll when there are more than two possible answers. For example:

How to Make a Poll on Discord

Note that there are both benefits and drawbacks to using reactions to make a poll on Discord.

  • It’s fast and easy to set up.
  • You can see results instantaneously by checking how many people have voted for which option.
  • However, members won’t be able to cast their votes anonymously, because when you hover over the reactions, Discord will also show who posted that reaction.
  • Members may not respect the poll’s instructions and instead react to it with irrelevant emojis.
  • Further, your poll question might get drowned out by newer messages.

Create a poll channel on your Discord server

Create a separate server channel only for polls and inquiries if you like. Following these steps can help you:

  • Select “Text Channels” in Discord’s sidebar by clicking on the ‘+‘ symbol that is adjacent to “Text Channels.”
  • Input a name (such “Polls“), and then press the “Create Channel” button to create the channel.
How to Make a Poll on Discord
  • Click on the gear icon next to the channel name, and go to ‘Permissions
How to Make a Poll on Discord
  • Select “Read Messages,” “Add Reactions,” and “Disable Other Permitted Actions” under Roles/Members.”
  • Save Changes” should appear.
How to Make a Poll on Discord

You may now use this Discord channel purely for polling purposes. Unless you grant permission, no one else on the server will be able to submit their own messages in this channel.

How to use Discord poll bots to create polls

Discord is much more than a text and audio chat programme. Allows developers to construct ‘bots’ to do a variety of activities inside the app, as well as comprehensive customizable options. You may use Discord bots to automate tasks and even improve your overall experience by making better use of the platform’s built-in features.

Alternatively, you may use the Discord bot ‘Poll Bot’ to generate and handle polls on your server. So, here’s how:

  • Click “Invite” under the Poll Bot item on the website.
How to Make a Poll on Discord
  • The “Add to server” drop-down menu lets you choose which Discord server to add the bot from.
How to Make a Poll on Discord
  • Authorize your actions by clicking “Continue
  • Complete the verification procedure by clicking “Authorize” on the page.
  • In order to get started, open the Discord app and log in.
  • Open the channel where the poll will be created on the server where the bot was deployed.
  • When you use the bot, you may create the poll (check below for steps)

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