How To Install & Use Rythm Music Bot on your Discord Channel

You may like listening to music as you work at your workstation. The Rythm app is a great addition to your Discord channel if this is the case. You may use Rythm, a music bot, to listen to your favourite tunes while talking with your pals. The purpose of this post is to assist you in setting up Rythm on your Discord server. Let’s get this party started!

Authorise Rythm Bot

  • Click here to get to the RythmBot website.
  • Invite Rythm may be found on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Login to your Discord account in the new window that appears.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be able to grant RythmBot permission to access your server. If you don’t wish to be an administrator, just uncheck the Admin option.
How To Install & Use Rythm Music Bot on your Discord Channel

Make sure to sign in with your account.

Discord Server Settings

  • You should now be able to see that the RythmBot has been asked to join your server as a guest.
  • Navigate to Roles in your server settings and pick the option to create a new role.
  • Change the name of your position and save your changes.
  • In the Online section, right-click RythmBot and choose Roles from the context menu. The bot will now be assigned to the new role.

Discord Bot Channel

  • To communicate with the bot, choose to establish a new channel in which you will be able to interact with it.
  • Select Edit Channel and then Permissions from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the newly formed role for the RythmBot and make sure that it has the ability to read messages from other users.
How To Install & Use Rythm Music Bot on your Discord Channel

RythmBot Commands & Features

the function play executes a song with the specified name or URL.

disconnect Remove the bot from the voice channel that it is currently in.

It displays the music that is presently being played by the bot.

aliases This function will list command aliases.

ping determines how quickly the bot responds to Discord messages.

skip Skips over the music that is now playing.

seek Attempts to go to a certain location on the current course

A music is searched for on Soundcloud using soundcloud.

remove This function removes a specific element from the queue, such as music.

loopqueue is a function that loops over the whole queue.

search Looks for results of a URL on YouTube using the search term

stats Displays the bot’s performance data.

loop Repeat the music that is presently playing.

contribute Provides information on how to make a donation to help the developers of the Rythm bot.

shard Determines which shard you are currently on.

join Inviting the bot to your voice channel is simple.

lyrics Returns the lyrics for the music that is currently playing.

info Information about the Rythm bot may be found here.

resume Playback of previously stopped music

settings Rythm’s parameters may be modified.

move This function advances a certain song to the top of the queue or to a specific position in the queue.

forward In the current track, it moves the needle forward by a certain amount.

skipto moves the cursor to a certain location in the queue.

clear Removes the item from the queue.

replay Reset the current song’s progress bar to zero.

clean removes all of the bot’s messages and commands from the system.

stop halts the current track that is being played.

takenoutofthequeue Takes out duplicate songs from the queue.

volume Check or make adjustments to the current volume

rewind The current track is rewinded by a predetermined amount.

playtop Similar to the play command, however it starts at the top of the queue.

playskip The music is moved to the top of the queue, after which it is skipped over.

shuffle Reorders the items in the queue.

queue Take a look at the line. Typing the command with the provided page number after it will allow you to see other pages (queue 2)

leavecleanup The songs of a user who is no longer present are removed from the Queue.


Using the lyrics function in Rythm, users may search up the lyrics for the currently playing music or for any other song they want. This functionality enables us to give Rythm users with excellent and dependable lyric results for the music that is presently being played.


Using our modular settings panel, Rythm gives server owners and admins with a wide variety of customizability for their servers. In addition to music controls such as autoplay, additional administrator-focused features such as the blacklist are accessible via the configuration options.


YouTube playlists may also be imported and exported using Rythm. When a playlist URL is played by a user, Rythm will queue all of the songs from that playlist that it is capable of queueing. If a video URL contains a link to a playlist, Rythm will additionally queue the playlist that is referenced by the video URL.

Video Guide

What is the procedure for removing Rythm from my Discord server?

In Discord, right-click on “Rythm” and pick “Kick Rythm.” This will get rid of Rythm. However, if your server is very huge, it will be tough to hunt for the bot since the “Members List” does not include a search function.

What is the procedure for adding a Rythm bot to my account?

Give the Rythm bot permission to view your profile. Select the server to which you want to add the Rythm bot. Individual permissions may also be set on the chosen voice channel. After that, click Authorize. When the Rythm bot has been successfully uploaded to the server, a notification will appear on the screen.

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