How To Get Rust Twitch Drops

Twitch streamer servers have helped the game establish a new fan base despite the fact that it has been accessible for many years at this point. Twitch Drops, in-game rewards for watching Twitch feeds of players playing Rust, are now available in the game. Because of its popularity on streaming platform, this is being done. Please contact us if you’d like to purchase Rust Twitch Drops from our store.

Rust Twitch Drops Round 3 Release Date and Time

The current round of Twitch Drops has come to a close, but there will be another one starting very soon. The following set will be made accessible on February 4 at 19:00 UTC, which is the same time as the monthly update for Rust will go online. There is currently no information available on which streamers will be taking part or what the drops will consist of.

How to get Rust Twitch Drops

Those who are interested in acquiring the most recent Rust Twitch Drops will only have a limited amount of time to do so. As a matter of fact, the Twitch Drops event will come to a conclusion on January 14, which means that you only have one more day as of the time that this article was posted.

How to Get Rust Twitch Drops

You are going to need to connect your Steam and Twitch accounts by visiting to this site in order to get set up to get Twitch Drops with Rust. You can do this by clicking here. You only need to follow the steps on the website, and as soon as your accounts are connected, you’ll be able to start collecting Rust Twitch Drops.

There is a limited supply of drops now accessible, and some of these drops include a Pokimane garage door, a Myth jacket, a Shroud hoodie, and others. The whole list is as follows:

  • Auronplay hoodie
  • Jacksepticeye storage box
  • Lilypichu jacket
  • Ludwig hoodie
  • Myth chestplate
  • Pokimane garage door
  • Shroud hoodie
  • Sykkuno Longsleeve tshirt
  • XQC Assault Rifle
  • Sofa
  • Industrial door
  • Hobo barrel

With the exception of the couch and the hobo barrel, each of these drops will need that you watch streamers with the DROPS tag enabled for a minimum of four hours. When compared to the hobo barrel, the couch will only need a watch period of two hours. However, the hobo barrel will take eight hours. You will be need to watch each stream individually if you want to get their drops; however, the Rust website has helpfully made it simple to determine when each of the streams is actively broadcasting its content.

Other Way to Get Rust Twitch Drops

The procedure is the same even if there are several chances for players to win prizes via Twitch Drops in Rust. Proceed in the manner outlined in the following steps:

  • If you haven’t previously done so, link your Twitch and Steam accounts so that you may start earning Twitch Drops. Keep in mind that if one of your accounts is connected to another account, you will first need to disconnect the linked account before moving on to the next step in the process.
  • Therefore, the first step is to join in using Steam or Twitch. Ensure that Rust is present in your library on Steam.
  • After that, sign in using the other account you have.
  • After you have successfully linked your accounts, launch the stream, and then go to the Chat area.
  • You should see a notice pop up on your screen from Twitch Drops that reads, “Get in-game stuff by watching the show.”
  • When it is time, a button labelled “Claim” will appear on the screen, and you will need to click on it.
  • You can only get rewards for watching Rust broadcasts that have the Drops Enabled tag attached to them. You must watch these streams.
  • You may monitor your progress on the page dedicated to your Twitch drops inventory.
  • It is important to keep in mind that after clicking the Claim button on Steam, it may take up to ten minutes for the goods to become visible in your inventory.

How to Claim Rust Twitch Drops Without Watching?

There are a few different Twitch Drop auto claim extensions that you may try out if you do not have the time to watch broadcasts. These extensions will perform the job on your behalf.

Rustplatz & Twitchland Drops & Rewards

During this specific event that took place in March 2022 (RUSTPLATZ & TWITCHLAND), players had the chance to get the drops listed below:

  • Rustplatz Hoodie
  • Rustplatz Metal Facemask
  • Rustplatz Assault Rifle
  • Twitchland Metal Chest Plate
  • Twitchland Metal facemask
  • Twitchland Garage Door

Video Guide

Can you still get Twitch drops Rust?

Are drops on my Steam account still available after I log out? You may acquire the drops again if you buy Rust after you’ve already claimed them (within 90 days). There is a catch, however: They won’t show up in your Steam inventory.

How often do you get drops in Rust?

Once every 100 hours of gameplay, you should expect to get a totally random cosmetic item. If it seems excessive, keep in mind that you’re receiving something for nothing. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t see an item as soon as you’ve played for 100 hours and expect it to appear right away. In the year 2021

Can you get Twitch drops while AFK?

In order to claim a Twitch drop, you must be actively viewing a drop-enabled broadcast at the time. To claim many drop campaigns, you must be present at the exact moment they occur, and if you’re afk, you may miss the opportunity to do so.

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