How to Fly Banshee in Halo Infinite – Controls

In Halo Infinite, Banshee is one of the flying vehicles. While exploring the Zeta Halo Ring’s vast terrain, this flying vehicle will come in helpful as you’ll need to traverse large tunnels, steep slopes, and other obstacles. Banshee may be discovered in the open world near the settlement of Banshee in the Reformation area. Act 3’s “Pelican Down” must be finished before you may access this place. The Banshee’s flight mechanics are detailed in great depth in the following instructional.

Flying Controls of Banshee in Halo Infinite

For Halo Infinite, this is a comprehensive list of the keyboard and mouse controls for flying Banshee.

  • Shift: E-brake / Boost 
  • Space: For Ascend / Brake
  •  Ctrl: For Descend / Tricks
  •   Left Mouse Button: To fire weapon
  • C / G: To throw grenade
  • Q: To Switch Seats
  •   F: To melee
  •   R: To Reload / Vent
  •   E: To interact.
  •   B: To switch to previous grenade.
  •   V / Mouse Wheel Scroll: To switch weapon
  •   N: To switch to next grenade.
  •  Z: For AI Scan.
  •   X: For marking.
  •   1: Equip Slot 1.
  •   2: Equip Slot 2.
  • 3: Equip Slot 3.
  •   4: Equip Slot 4.

Now, let’s learn how to fly a Banshee in Halo Infinite.

  • Acceleration is achieved by moving the left stick forward.
  • Pulling the left stick will cause you to slow down.
  • Move the left or right stick to move the strafe sideways.
  • To control the spacecraft, make use of the appropriate stick.
  • Maintain control of the right trigger to fire blaster bolts, then press Y to swap missiles before maintaining control of the right trigger to fire again.
  • Pulling the left trigger down will increase the speed.
  • To do a barrel roll, depress the left bumper while simultaneously moving the left stick sideways.
  • To do a backflip, push the left bumper and then drag the left stick to the rear of the left stick.


How do you shoot a Wasp rocket?

You may launch it by hitting the bumper labelled “Right,” and you can bring the wasp to a lower position by pressing the bumper labelled “Left.” If you are an experienced player, you are aware that the only types of weaponry that can be attached to an AV-49 wasp are ones that fire dual shots, such as dual-shot bullets and dual missiles.

Is the Warthog in Halo Infinite?

The recognisable Warthog from Halo may be found in Halo Infinite, but in order to use it, players will have to accomplish a few objectives while they are roaming around the open world. In Halo: Infinite, in order to unlock and spawn a variety of vehicles, including the Warthog, players will need to first get access to a Forward Operating Base and then accumulate a certain number of Valor points.

Can you hijack Halo Infinite?

Players are able to take control of hostile vehicles once more in Halo Infinite. The manoeuvre, which was initially introduced in Halo 2 as “boarding,” has progressed to the point where players may now use a Grappleshot to “skyjack” a Banshee out of the sky. This technique was initially introduced in Halo 2 as “boarding.” In Halo: Infinite, here you will find some helpful hints on the process of stealing a vehicle.

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