How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Black Screen With Sound-6

I’ve been using the Toshiba Fire TV for a while now and really like it. And, to be quite honest, it lives up to its reputation.

However, the television lately went blank at random, which I found strange. I attempted a few solutions, but none of them were successful.

I went online to several user forums and help sites, determined to find a solution to the problem.

I put up this detailed guide that contains all of the potential solutions to the problem. This should assist you in repairing your Toshiba Fire TV that has gone dark.

Perform a system restart on your Toshiba Fire TV if it is exhibiting a black screen. This will repair the problem. It is necessary to verify your cable connections and to upgrade the device firmware to the most recent version if this does not resolve the problem. If the problem continues, a System Rest should be performed. When it comes to LCD televisions, a malfunctioning backlight panel may be to blame for the screen going black in severe circumstances, as a result of the screen going black.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible solutions you might attempt if your screen begins to go dark.

Reboot the Toshiba Fire TV

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Black Screen With Sound-6

If you want to start the troubleshooting method as soon as the screen turns black, just restart the television.

A restart, particularly a power cycle test, might help to rid your television of any lingering faults and static charges that may be causing problems on the screen.

A power cycle test is quite similar to the classic “pulling the plug” procedure in that it entails disconnecting the device from the power and keeping it inactive for a few minutes, if not many hours, before putting it back in.

Then, for about one minute, press and hold the power button or any other button on the television. This procedure should be repeated a couple of times or more. This technique will eliminate the static charges that have accumulated in your television.

Reconnect the cable and turn the television back on. Now is the time to look for the problem.

You might potentially fast restart the device by pressing a number of buttons on your television at the same time.

Using your fingers, press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons for a few seconds until the screen goes off and then back on again.

Check the Cables

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Black Screen With Sound-6

One of the most frequent causes of black displays on the Toshiba Fire TV is a power cord that has been improperly attached to the device.

Always double-check and double-check again to ensure that the power cord is securely connected to both the port and the power outlet.. The ability of the TV to function at its best is dependent on the quality of the power supply.

Alternatively, if you are still experiencing problems after testing the connection, consider connecting the TV to a different electrical outlet. In case you have a multimeter on hand, you may check to see how much electricity is coming from the outlet before connecting the connection.

Also, be certain that the TV is powered by the power cord that was included. The use of a substandard power cable might have an impact on the operation of the television.

Don’t forget to double-check your HDMI connections and the cords you’re using if you have gadgets connected to your TV through HDMI.

A number of HDMI properties may have an impact on the operation of the television. We’ll go into more depth about them in the next section.

HDMI-Related Issues and Fixes

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Black Screen With Sound-6

If you are only getting black displays while utilising an external device, make verify that the HDMI cable and the connection are both in proper working order.

It’s possible that not all HDMI cables will be suitable with your intended use. Make sure you utilise the most recent HDMI cables (2.0 and above) that are HDCP-compatible.

Intel developed the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Material Protection) copyright protocol to manage the transmission of digital content across a variety of devices.

As a result, practically all current streaming services need a connection via an HDMI cable and port that supports HDCP in order to function properly.

As a result, while connecting a gadget to a television, be sure to utilise high-quality cables. Also, don’t forget to check that the connection is solid on both sides.

The length of the cable might also have an impact on the quality of the visual transmission. Ideally, the wire should not be longer than 10-20 feet in length.

Check for Updates

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Black Screen With Sound-6

Let’s go ahead and verify and update the system. The usage of out-of-date firmware may and will result in difficulties such as blank screens. Over time, if left ignored, your television may begin to display an increasing number of problems.

All Fire TVs do an automated check for updates when they first boot up. Even if this is the case, the feature may decide to take a break and leave you in the dark at any moment.

When the black displays begin to appear on an irregular basis, it is essential to check for software upgrades.

To manually check for updates on your television, follow these instructions on your computer.

  • Make your way to the Home screen and pick the Settings option there.
  • Select the About option from the Device/My Fire TV menu by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
  • To check and update the device, scroll down and pick System Update from the drop-down menu.

Following the installation of the updates, the television will reboot. Now is the time to look for the problem.

Check the TV Settings

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Black Screen With Sound-6

When you’re in a bind, go no farther than your television, which has a plethora of options to play with. There’s also the video display mode, which is maybe the most important of them all.

Changing the resolution and refresh rate of your television may be really beneficial at times.

There are a few different methods to switch between modes, and one of them is to hit a button combination to make the switch.

For a few seconds, press and hold both the Reverse/Rewind button and the Up button at the same time. As a result, the display will be able to flip between several modes or resolutions.

Once you’ve found the screen resolution that you want, click on the Select button. Restart the television and check for any other problems.

You may also make changes to the settings directly using the interface instructions. To change the screen resolution, just follow the instructions below.

  • The Display & Sound option may be found in the Settings tab by clicking and selecting it.
  • Select the Display option, and then select the Video Resolution option from the drop-down menu.
  • Alternatively, reduce the resolution to something more manageable, such as 1080p or 720p.
  • Check for problems after restarting the television.

After that, we’ll look at the lighting settings to see if there’s anything we can do to help.

Video Guide

How do you fix the TV when it says “No signal”?

Most of the time, the ‘No Signal’ message can be interpreted as a caution sign to inform you that you have cable issues on your TV. Check the HDMI cables or the AV cables on the TV and make sure they have a firm connection. If you are broadcasting through an antenna, check the Coaxial cable of both the antenna and the set-top box connection.

Is there a reset button on the Toshiba Fire TV?

In spite of the fact that the Toshiba Fire TV lacks a specific reset button, there is a workaround that you may use by pressing and holding the power button on your remote control. Remove the television from the wall and plug it back in while pressing and holding the Power button. Continue to do so until the display turns on (if necessary). As soon as the interface is activated, press and hold the button. To browse through the choices, press and hold the power button for a few seconds, then choose Wipe data/Factory reset from the list.


The black screen of death is a genuine and significant hazard to any television, particularly if the true cause of the problem stays unknown. The above-mentioned remedies are really beneficial, and in certain cases, extremely beneficial.

However, a hardware problem may need a reevaluation by an expert.

By shining a flashlight over the screen, you can see whether there are any problems with the backlight panel, which is typical among older televisions.

While the television is turned on, check to see if you can see any images underneath the shined area. If you can see the pixels on your TV, it is possible that the backlight panel has failed.

For more help, please contact the customer support departments of Toshiba or Amazon.

A backlight panel replacement, on the other hand, may be prohibitively expensive, to the point that acquiring a new television may be a superior value proposition.

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