How To Fix PS4 Error CE-30784-2

The error number CE-30784-2 indicates that the USB storage device on the PS4 has not been recognised. This indicates that there is an issue with the USB stick. There is currently no official remedy for this problem number, according to the PlayStation.

It is possible for the PS4 error CE-30784-2 to occur when the PS4 user attempts to configure the PS4 with a USB storage device connected. However, the PS4 is not identified by the USB device, and a notice stating that the USB device is not connected is shown.

PS4 Error CE-30784-2

The issue CE-30784-2 continues to be seen by a large number of customers on their PlayStation 4 while attempting to upgrade the PS4 firmware or initialise the PS4. Many different factors might contribute to the warning indicating that a USB device is not connected to a PlayStation 4.

When I attempted to upgrade my PlayStation 4 firmware system software to the most recent version, PS4 firmware 7.51, I encountered the same issue that I did yesterday. I’ve previously downloaded and copied the PS4 firmware 7.51 to a USB storage device. My PS4 is then updated when I plug the disc into it, but when I attempt to update it, the error CE-30784-2 displays on the screen.

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Reasons for the PS4 Error CE-30784-2

Unless the error code CE-30784-2 displays on the screen, you will be unable to upgrade or initialise your PlayStation 4. As a result, you must correct the problem before updating or initialising your PS4.

Here is all the possible reasons for the PS4 error:

  • It’s possible that the USB device has been damaged.
  • If the USB storage format is neither FAT or exFAT, the following information applies.
  • Check to see whether the USB device supports USB 2.0 or 3.0 standards.
  • Check to verify that the USB device has been correctly put into the PS4.

Solutions for the PS4 Error CE-30784-2

To resolve the PS4 problem code CE-30784-2, you must complete the procedures outlined below in reverse order. It is possible that the mistake will not be solved if you do not follow the procedures exactly.

Only the FAT and exFAT file systems of the USB drive are supported by the PS4. You must thus convert your USB device to a format that is compatible with your PS4 before attempting to use it on the console.

  • In order to format the USB storage device to FAT or exFAT, right-click on the USB storage device and choose [Format] > select [FAT or exFAT] > then select [Start].
  • You’ll notice the popup message ‘Ok’ or ‘Cancel’ at this point. choose [Allow] from the drop-down menu

After format the USB to the FAT or exFAT you need to keep the update file to the right path on the USB.

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What is the error code CE-30784-2 means?

Typically, this error indicates that the USB storage format is incorrect, that the update file has been damaged, or that the file is in the incorrect directory.

How to fix PS4 error CE-30784-2?

To resolve the issue CE-30784-2, you must first format the USB drive in FAT or exFAT format.

What am I doing wrong with CE 30784 2?

Maybe the USB format is wrong or the USB device is not inserted properly to the PS4.

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