How To Fix Hp Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously

The problem with the HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking has been resolved. When you spill a liquid upon your laptop’s keyboard, the screen will normally remain blank for an extended period of time. As soon as you switch on your computer and see that the screen is blank, that the cursor is flickering on and off, or that the screen is completely black, you may conclude that your computer’s motherboard has suffered significant damage.

There are a plethora of questions and worries about laptop technological difficulties that have been spread over the internet. One of the most often encountered problems is the HP laptop’s caps lock flashing repeatedly when there is no display. The majority of users have this problem after installing a new operating system on their laptop.

What Does It Mean HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously and no Display?

Caps lock that blinks indicates that there is a problem with your air vents or that your HP laptop battery is not charging. It might also be the cause if your charger is malfunctioning and has caused harm to your laptop, or it could be caused by low voltage coming from your power outlet and being transmitted via your charger.

Reasons Why HP Laptop Caps Lock Light Keep Blinking Continuously

There could be a few reasons why your HP laptop caps lock and num lock are blinking continuously with a black screen.

1. Faulty Charger

A defective laptop charger has the potential to do significant harm to your laptop. If you are using an old or damaged charger, it is almost certain that it will deliver the incorrect voltage to your HP laptop, which may progressively harm it.

If you have any other charger that did not come with your charger, it may also be hazardous to your laptop since it is not suited for your HP laptop. You must get a new HP charger (available on Amazon) and replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

2. Overheating

If your HP laptop isn’t turning on the caps lock 2 or 3 times because it’s overheating, that might be the problem.

A malfunctioning vent fan or clogged vents may be to blame for this problem. Put your ear near to the fan and listen for the fan sounds to determine whether your HP laptop’s fan is operating.

If you don’t hear any fan noise at all, or if the noise is inconsistent, it signifies your fan is broken and has to be fixed.. An external cooling fan may also be purchased for this purpose.

3. Inconsistent Power Supply

It is also possible that your laptop’s keyboard light is flickering because of an inconsistency in the power supply from your socket.

You may need to try using a different power outlet to determine whether the problem is with your laptop or the power outlet itself is malfunctioning and is causing the problem.

How To Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously Black Screen

1. Power off Your HP Laptop

The first step to solving your laptop’s caps lock problem is to shut it down, since the problem is caused by software, not a physical malfunction.

You can quickly remove your computer’s hardware and components if you shut down your laptop first. Remove anything, though, and your system will suffer more harm if you don’t switch it off first.

2. Remove Your Laptop Battery

The next step is to remove the battery from your HP laptop to check what is causing the caps lock on the laptop to repeatedly flash.

If your laptop’s battery (Amazon) is still attached to the machine, you will be unable to repair it.

3. Remove Laptops’ RAM

The 3rd step is to remove your HP laptop RAM from its slots. You can do it by following:

  • Open the laptop by unscrewing it from the back
  • Remove all the RAMs connected to your HP laptop
  • Clean your RAMs with a tissue or cloth

4. Remove the Wi-Fi Card Cables

In this step, disconnect the Wi-Fi card cables connected to the wireless adapter of your laptop’s motherboard and keep them separated.

5. Reinsert RAM and Wi-Fi Card Cables

All of your computer’s RAMs and Wi-Fi card wires must now be reinserted and connected correctly.

First, you need to blow on the slots and remove any dust that may have accumulated there. Ensure that everything is connected properly.

6. Hold Your Laptop Power Button

Press and hold the HP laptop power button for 40 seconds, then remove your hand from the button and restart your HP laptop.

7. Turn on the HP Laptop

If you have done all of the preceding instructions successfully, the last step is to power on your HP laptop. It’s possible that your HP laptop’s caps lock will cease flashing if you’ve followed the guidelines above.

Alternative Solutions For HP Laptop Caps Blinking

Why does my Caps Lock light keep flashing?

Your HP Laptop Caps lock light keeps flashing because your computer could be overheated or the air vent is clogged with dust inside your laptop.

How Do I Fix My HP CAPS LOCK Blinking?

Remove the battery, RAM, and Wi-Fi cords from your laptop to begin the process of hard resetting it. Cleaning laptop air vents is also important since dust might accumulate there and you’ll need to blow it out.

Final Words

First, remove the battery and then remove the RAM if your HP laptop’s caps lock keeps flickering with no display. Then, for 40 to one minute, keep your finger on the power button. Turn on the laptop, remove the battery, and reinstall the RAM and batteries. If the issue persists, you will need to replace the motherboard.

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