How to Fix GTA 4 Infinite Loading Screen

how to repair a screen that can be stacked infinitely. Whether or whether I should use a command line is up to the situation at hand. Although I tried to put it in Steam properties, it works just well if you already had the steam version of it. So here’s my issue: LaunchEFLC told me to send gta. Adding the command line to the game’s folder is a wonderful idea but I still get the annoying endless stacking screen.

How to fix GTA 4 Infinite Loading Screen with command line

The GTA 4 Infinite Loading Screen may be fixed. For further information, have a look at the video below.
Infinite loading screen workaround for GTA 4! If the game does not begin automatically for you, click here.
Using the steam client, I was able to play the game. Windows 10 no longer need compatibility mode for my computer. While the game is loaded, make sure to keep the priority set to HIGH to avoid being trapped at the loading screen.
This worked for me! There is no longer a launcher, no more compatibility settings, and no more pre-set start choices for Steam! Take a look at the process (gta IV.exe) and set the priority from normal to high.

How to fix:

  • Right click on your desktop 
  • Go to Screen Resolution 
  • Select Advanced settings 
  • Check the Dedicated video memory 
  • Enter that value in your commandline.txt

Video Guide

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