How To Fix Error Code 90 On wyze Camera

Wyze cams offer more functionality than the majority of other smart cameras on the market, yet they are just a third of the cost of the competition.

Unfortunately, they have a reputation for making some quite inconvenient mistakes. Wyze error code 90 is one of the most prevalent.

Wyze error code 90 – what it means and how to fix it

Wyze error number 90 indicates that your webcam is not available. Attempt to power cycle the camera to see if it helps. Unplug the camera and wait 15 seconds before plugging it back in and allowing it to re-initialize. It’s likely that you’ll have to install fresh firmware into the camera’s SD card if that doesn’t work.

Power cycle Wyze cam

Per Wyze’s support site, error code 90 is an internet connectivity issue that requires you to power cycle your cam.

Power cycling is actually simply a way of saying that you have totally turned off an electrical item. Typically, this necessitates the disconnection of the device from its power supply.

Because it resets the device and can be done in a matter of seconds, power cycling is often the first action used while troubleshooting.

  • Remove the camera’s power cord from its power source. Either on the wall or on the other side of the camera is OK.
  • Allow 15 seconds for the camera to totally discharge before using it again.
  • Reconnect the camera to its power supply and enable it to complete a full restart.

Check your internet connection

If power cycling your Wyze cam doesn’t solve the problem, Wyze recommends that you check your internet connection as a second option.

Check to see that your WiFi is operational and that you are connected to the internet before proceeding.

Make a short test by pulling up Google on your phone when it is connected to WiFi and ensuring that you can search and access the internet.

If you believe that anything is wrong with your internet connection, I recommend that you just power cycle your router/modem.

Unplug your router/modem for a full 60 seconds and then connect it back in again to complete the process. Allow your router a few minutes to re-establish its connection before proceeding.

Once you see all green flashing lights on your router/modem, go ahead and try your Wyze cam again.

Hopefully you know longer see Wyze error code 90, but if you do there are several more proven fixes you should try.

Delete the camera and start over

Some consumers found that removing their camera from the Wyze app and then re-installing it helped to cure error number 90 as well as their internet connection difficulties.

Trying this method before flashing fresh firmware to your camera’s SD card is quick and painless, and it’s absolutely worth your time.

  • Open the Wyze app and choose the gear icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Then, under Device Settings, choose Delete Device from the list (at the bottom)
  • On the pop-up box that appears, choose Yes.
  • The cam LED should be flashing yellow at this point, indicating that the device is no longer attached.
  • In order to connect to your Wyze cam, press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the device for 15-20 seconds, or until you hear “Ready to connect.”
  • Now, on the Wyze app, go to Devices > Wyze Cam and pick it.
  • Enter the name and password for your Wi-Fi network.
  • Using your Wyze cam, scan the QR code that appears on your phone when it is activated.
  • Finally, in the app, give your camera a name, and your setup should be complete!

Flash new firmware to SD card

All of our efforts up to this point have been directed at determining if we can resolve error code 90 without having to install fresh firmware into the camera’s SD card.

However, if you’ve made it this far down the page, it’s safe to assume that the power cycling and uninstalling cam remedies mentioned above didn’t work for you.

Wyze releases new firmware for its cameras every now and again, and unfortunately, too frequently, that software has a flaw that causes your camera to become momentarily unusable.

In fact, Wyze has admitted that this is an issue, noting that they have a history of delivering software that isn’t quite ready for prime time.

To put it another way, all we need to do in this scenario is flash the SD card of your Wyze cam with a previous firmware version. We’re utilising an older version since the previous versions worked, however the current version does not work.

Before we get started, I’d want to make a short point concerning your SD card. FAT32 has experienced problems in the past when used on discs larger than 32GB. If you’re using a big SD card and are having problems with the procedures below, you may want to try a smaller card, such as an 8GB memory card.

  • Reformat the SD card using the Wyze software (Note: the MicroSD MUST be formatted as FAT or FAT32 before trying to follow these steps; if it is not formatted properly, this will not/will never work.) and then reboot the device.
  • Insert your SD card into your PC (SD card may need to be put in an adaptor first before it can be placed into your computer)
  • Download an earlier version of the Wyze cam firmware. For a complete list of firmware versions, go here. Simply search for your specific product and then click on the appropriate version to download it.)
  • After the file has been downloaded, it MUST be renamed to “demo.bin.”
  • Add the new demo.bin file to your SD card’s root directory.
  • Make sure your Wyze camera is disconnected before re-inserting the SD card into the camera.
  • Reconnect your Wyze camera to your computer.
  • Hold down the reset button on the camera for a few seconds (BE PATIENT, this could take several minutes of holding down the reset button)
  • As soon as you hear the words “Ready to connect,” you may put the reset button down.
  • The yellow LED light on the camera should be flashing.
  • In the app, re-configure your camera once again.


Wyze cams have a ton of great features and sell for a fraction of the cost of other smart cams.

Unfortunately these cams are known to have some frustrating errors. One such error is Wyze error code 90.

This error means your cam is offline.

To fix it, you can try the following:

  • Power cycle your Wyze cam
  • Power cycle your rotuer/modem
  • Delete your Wyze cam from the app and start over
  • Reflash your cam’s SD card with a different firmware version

If all else fails you can always submit a support ticket with Wyze directly.

Did any of these fixes work for you? Let me know in the comment section below!

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