How to Fix Bitdefender Error on Shutdown Windows 10

One of the most effective antivirus programmes on the market today is Bitdefender without a doubt. It comes highly recommended by a large number of people. Large firms with a good reputation have relied on it for employee safety. However, it contains flaws just like any other piece of software.

Windows 10 shuts down with a ‘BitDefender error.’ This is an issue that some customers are encountering. They also bemoan the dearth of options for dealing with this problem. There are proven answers to this problem in this article. Following the instructions in this article will help you resolve this problem.

How to Fix Bitdefender Error on Shutdown Windows 10

Here are a few ways to solve ‘Bitdefender error on shutdown windows 10. Let’s dive into them.

Solution: Uninstall and Reinstall The Latest Version of Spybot

You may fix the “BitDefender error on shutdown windows” issue by reinstalling Spybot. Here’s how to remove Spybot from your computer.

  • Search for “control panel” in the Windows search bar. After that, you may have a look inside.
  • To remove an application, select it and then click the ‘uninstall‘ button. Programs are where you’ll find it.
  • Uninstall Spybot by right-clicking on it in the installed applications list.
  • Start your computer up again when you’ve finished uninstalling.

You have uninstalled the Spybot. Now, it is time to install the latest version of Spybot. Let’s install Spybot.

  • Spybot has been updated to the newest version. Download the most recent version of Spybot from its official website.
  • Install the most recent version of Spybot.

Find the installation file for the newest version of Spybot and double-click it to begin the installation.

Check to see whether the BitDefender issue on Windows 10 shutdown continues when you restart your PC.

Other Bitdefender Problem and Solutions

Here are some other common problem and solution of Bitdefender, and they are;

1. You can’t access secured sites and apps

This is a regular issue with Bitdefender. You’ll run across this issue if you’ve enabled SSL in Bitdefender. Some websites and applications cannot be accessed using this functionality because of certification difficulties. The SSL functionality must be disabled in order to fix the problem.

2. Computer refuses to reboot after Bitdefender installation

Bitdefender users often report this problem. Remove the infected Bitdefender and install a fresh antivirus to get rid of this problem. After starting your computer in safe mode and go to the applications section, locate Bitdefender and remove it from there.

The ‘BitDefender error message on startup’ problem may be resolved by addressing the aforementioned concerns.

Why Does Bitdefender Threat Scanner Error Happen While Shutting Down Windows 10?

Which word comes to your mind when you encounter the ‘Bitdefender error on Windows 10 shutdown’ problem?

It is difficult to determine the specific cause of this mistake. A number of factors may be to blame for this blunder. The most apparent explanation is that Bitdefender was installed incorrectly.

You also messed with the Windows registry by installing and uninstalling apps.

The ‘Bitdefender error on shutdown windows 10’ problem might also be attributed to malware. It corrupts and deletes Bitdefender-related files. In addition, Bitdefender’s key components are no longer present.

Video Guide

What is Bitdefender?

It’s a popular cybersecurity software to help you prevent threats.

Is it possible to fix Bitdefender error on shutdown windows problem?

Yes! It’s possible and there are couple of ways to solve it.

Is it bad to turn off PC with power button?

Yes! Using physical power button for shutting down your PC is a bad idea.

Final Thoughts

The buck stops here. Several options for dealing with the ‘BitDefender error on shutdown windows 10’ have been presented. Reinstalling Spybot, deactivating Bitdefender’s SSL function, and more are among my remedies. Please leave a comment if you have further questions on this topic. Good luck!

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