How to Fix AirPods Keep Cutting Out

Is your Airpod constantly cutting off, failing to connect, or skipping? Here are some of the most common issues with AirPods, as well as easy fixes for them. What ever your issue is with AirPods (including the 2nd Generation and Pro models), we’ve got you covered.

With the combination of sharing your AirPods with other devices and utilising two sets of AirPods with one Phone, you may get a significant amount of mileage out of your set. Although they are often more reliable than other true wireless headphones, difficulties with AirPods may occur from time to time, and you must be prepared to troubleshoot them. With Airpods Keep Cutting Out, we’re here to assist you out.


Apple AirPods are a pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones that are designed exclusively for use with your phone and iPad. They may, however, be used with almost any other computer or smartphone, thanks to the fact that they are Bluetooth audio devices.

Causes of Airpod Keep Cutting Out

Bluetooth operates on the basis of radio waves. When connecting to your Bluetooth-enabled equipment, such as a headset, you may utilise wireless short-range technology standards to connect to your device that supports Bluetooth functionalities. This includes smartphones, laptops, PCs, and portable game consoles.

Bluetooth problems may be caused by a variety of components, including the Bluetooth device (headphones, headsets, speakers, and so on) or the sound source, which can include laptops, computers, smartphones, and so on. As a result, there are several reasons why your Bluetooth headphones are turned off when they are moved, or why your Apple AirPods are turned off since they are also equipped with Bluetooth technology.

  • The most common cause for your Bluetooth audio to drop off or stop working is a lack of battery life. And, as a result of the failure of the headphone batteries, the audio source battery may also fail; however, this will not result in the music being cut in or out, but will instead terminate the Bluetooth connection.
  • If your Bluetooth scanning is poor or ineffective or if an application is denied permission to alter your Phone’s connection settings, Bluetooth may be turned on or off without you realising it.
  • Some gadgets that are already using the most recent version of Bluetooth may not function with older headphones and devices, while others may work well. When combining many devices, it might be difficult or even impossible to avoid splicing in and out sounds.

How to Fix Airpod Keep Cutting Out?

Keep Phone and Airpods Closer

It should go without saying, but the more away you are from your Phone, the more probable it is that you will have a spotty audio experience. Keep your distance between you and the other person to fewer than 30 feet, and you should be OK.

Correct Audio Setting

How to Fix AirPods Keep Cutting Out

Additionally, since your AirPods are in your ears, you need be sure to choose them as an audio device. If this has not been done, go with the following steps to do it.

  • Make use of your iPhone to listen to music. To play the music, choose it by tapping the AirPlay icon underneath it (if you have the track selected).
  • Choose your AirPods from the drop-down menu.
  • While on the phone, make sure you have AirPods selected from the audio choices on the screen before starting the call.
  • In addition, when you make a call, you may change the audio source by pressing on the speaker icon.

Reconnect Airpods With Phone

  • If your AirPods recently started to detach from your Phone a short while ago, it can help to reconnect both devices.
  • Just put your AirPods or AirPods Max in the charging box or Smart Case and wait a few seconds to connect them again.

Examine Bluetooth 

Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your AirPods device.

  • Open the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad and make sure Bluetooth is turned on and working properly.
  • Alternatively, you may navigate to > Bluetooth Configuration. Bluetooth should be enabled as shown by a green light on the screen.

Even if Bluetooth is enabled, it should be turned off again and again.

  • Please tap on the green switch in Settings > Bluetooth, so it goes white.
  • Wait 15 seconds until Bluetooth is turned on again.
  • You will state now that your AirPods are not linked, but they should connect after selecting them as the audio source.

Deactivate Automatic Detection

Automatic ear detection is a function that detects when your AirPods are inserted in your ears automatically. However, it has the potential to cause the audio to be disconnected, especially if you have a tendency to wiggle to the left or right AirPod when wearing it. Automatic Ear Detection Disabling may be of assistance.

Bluetooth may be found by selecting the Info icon next to your AirPods > Bluetooth. When this occurs, the Automatic Ear Detection option is disabled.

Clean Airpods

Given the possibility that your issue is related to dirt, you may want to offer them a clean one. It is a delicate process since the components must not be scratched, marred, or otherwise compromised.

Deactivate Automatic Switching

When you start playing audio from iOS 14, the AirPods automatically transition across Apple devices in a split second. Using another iPhone, iPad, or Mac while using this function may result in sudden disconnections, so be sure to deactivate it before continuing.

Open Settings > Bluetooth and choose the AirPods info symbol from the drop-down menu. Then choose When this iPhone was last connected from the Connect to this iPhone drop-down menu. You must repeat it on each and every device you own, including your iOS and iPad.

Use Same Airpods All the Time

There are claims that the problem occurs less often when you only use one earbud. Thus you can leave one in the charging case.

  • You can also configure your AirPods to use only one AirPod microphone.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device with the AirPods case open and pick AirPods.
  • Tap the I and select the settings for Microphone.
  • The default setting is Automatic with a microphone provided by both AirPods. But you may always change it to the left or the right.

Reset Your Airpods

If you are still experiencing troubles with your AirPods disconnecting at random, you should try resetting them.

Place the AirPods or the Smart Case in the charging case while it is charging. Hold down the status button (or the Noise Control button and the AirPods Max Digital Crown) until the indicator flashes the amber colour, then release the buttons. You ended up having to reset them.

Remove the AirPods from your ears and follow the onscreen instructions on your phone to reconnect.

Reset Network Setting

  • In most cases, resetting the network settings on your iPhone will correct faulty network settings that are preventing the device from interacting properly with your AirPods.
  • To accomplish this, go to Settings > General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Reconnect your AirPods and check to see if the issue reappears after attempting the reset procedure.

Video Guide

Why Do My Airpods Keep Glitching?

So, what is it that causes this peculiar crackling sound to emanate from your smartphone to your audio headset while music is streaming? This is due to basic Bluetooth interference, which is the most typical cause of the problem. The wireless signals may get a little crowded if there are several Bluetooth devices in close proximity to one another.

Why Do My Airpods Keep Cutting Out in One Ear?

In rare circumstances, your AirPods may not be clean. Make sure both AirPods are fully cleaned. It sounds stupid, but it won’t work if they’re full of ear wax. Either it will drop volume, or they will stop working totally.

Why Does My Bluetooth Keep Cutting Out?

If the battery in your Bluetooth headphones is not completely charged, you may experience additional disconnections from the device. The failure to maintain it completely will prevent many of these issues from being resolved. Make a mental note of how long the battery will last when you get a new Bluetooth headphone set.


As part of my effort to address the underlying causes of this issue, I have also proposed other techniques to solving it.

Unpairing and fixing airpords are among the tasks that must be completed, as is turning off the automatic order of departure (ORD) system.

The processes for each of these solutions are basic and self-explanatory, so that no one will need assistance with any of them whatsoever.

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