How to Fix a Loose Phone Charger – 3 Steps

Is it difficult to charge your phone if you feel that the cord isn’t fully inserted? Maybe it’s a bit wobbly or feels a touch loose. If you bump the device while it’s charging, it may halt, or it may just stop charging all together. Doesn’t it make you want to throw up?

Typically, it’s only pocket lint that’s obstructing your charging port, and it can be fixed in just three simple steps.

Here’s a quick video showing the process:


In order to get started, you’ll need something like a toothpick. Because a needle’s point is likely to be too sharp for your phone, we don’t suggest it. There may be times when canned air is useful.

Turning off your phone while you’re working on anything might be a good idea just in case.

How to Fix a Loose Phone Charger


The toothpick should be inserted all the way into the charging port to examine whether there is any debris. Be cautious not to damage the charging port by scratching it too hard. Pins on the side of your phone, depending on the model, may be fragile and breakable.

How to Fix a Loose Phone Charger

When you scrape the port’s bottom, you should be able to feel the lint.

How to Fix a Loose Phone Charger


Scoop it up and use the canned air to blow out any leftover particles once you’ve felt it loosen up a little. You may use your mouth to expel canned air if you don’t have any on hand (just try not to spit all over it).

How to Fix a Loose Phone Charger


Now, test if you can get a better connection with your charger. If necessary, repeat. This will solve the problem in around 9 out of 10 cases. Something within the port or perhaps the charger itself might be faulty if you’re still getting a terrible connection with your device when you plug it in.

If this is the case, please bring it to our shop so that one of our knowledgeable experts can examine it and provide you with a free diagnosis.

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