How To Fix a Beeping Laptop Charger

A Dell Inspiron 6400 has been in my possession for many years, and I like using it. Whenever I use it, my laptop adaptor emits an electric buzzing sound. Why is this happening? Is it possible that anything is wrong?

How to fix a laptop charger that is creating noise will be covered in this piece, so keep reading.

When the computer adapter generates electrical noise, this is very normal. In addition, since the power adapter will produce a sound with a defined frequency while switching the power supply and because the rated power of the inductance coils of various frequencies is varied, the sound of the induced current will also be distinct from one another.

There might be a variety of reasons why the laptop charger is generating beeping noises and is unable to properly charge the laptop. Here are some potential causes and remedies to consider.

1. The Cord of the AC Adapter is Loose

The laptop requires DC power to be charged, thus the AC adapter will convert the alternating current voltage to direct current voltage. However, if the AC power cable is loose for any reason and the AC adapter is unable to deliver power regularly, the laptop will beep.

Check to see that the power jack of the adapter is properly plugged into the laptop plug on the computer. A jack that is suitable for a laptop should be simple to connect. Check to ensure that the AC power cable is correctly attached and that the AC adapter is functioning properly before continuing.

2. Check the Appearance of the Charger

Look for symptoms of burns, frayed wire, and significant kinks in the power cable before using it. It is conceivable that any of these symptoms signal that the adapter cable is faulty, and it is necessary to replace the cord as soon as possible.

How To Fix a Beeping Laptop Charger

3. Is the Charger Overheating?

If this is the case, the regular working environment will not produce excessive heat. Please remove any things that may interfere with the charger’s ability to dissipate heat and ensure that the laptop charger is operating at an appropriate temperature before continuing.

How To Fix a Beeping Laptop Charger

4. Is the wall socket supplying powernormally?

Another possibility is that the power outlet is not functioning properly. As a result, your AC adapter will beep since it is unable to provide regular power. It is necessary to double-check that your AC adapter is correctly attached to the socket, or to replace the socket entirely.

5. Laptop Adapter Short Circuit

The short circuit in the DC circuit of the laptop charger is the most common cause of the beeping sound produced by the charger. The remedy is to use a voltmeter to check for short circuits, then solder them properly while making sure that the DC “+” and DC “–” do not come into contact with each other.

Because it supplies excessive power, the adapter has the potential to create a short circuit. With a voltmeter, measure the voltage output of the adapter and compare the reading to the value specified on the adaptor. Small variations above and below the specified value are typical; however, if the reading fluctuates significantly, it indicates that the power cable is defective and must be replaced.

It is necessary to replace the laptop charger if trying another replacement adapter does not result in any noise. If the laptop charger is producing noise and is not charging even when using alternative adapters, the machine will need to be checked and repaired.

6. Replace the Adapter that Beeps and Does not Working

In the majority of circumstances, Dell can offer you with a new power supply that is compatible with your particular laptop model.

A laptop power supply failure should typically be covered by the Dell warranty, unless the power supply has been destroyed by water or other means of mistreatment. The universal power adapter may be purchased from most laptop repair outlets if Dell has discontinued production of a new adapter or the adapter is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You will save more money if you do not purchase the laptop adapter from the manufacturer’s website.

How To Fix a Beeping Laptop Charger

Replace the faulty power supply as soon as possible, as it may surge and damage the internal components of the laptop.


The information provided here is about why my laptop charger is producing noise and possible remedies. If it is still not repairable, I recommend that you get a new laptop charger. From GEMWON, you may get a brand new and original charger.

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