How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline Or Dead

If you’ve misplaced your AirPods and they’re no longer functional, it will be tough to locate them.

When you have AirPods that are not in their case but are still charged, Apple’s Find My app comes in handy. If your AirPods have stopped working, the Find My app may offer you with some useful information about their last known position, but it will be up to you to use your detective skills to track them down.

This post will show you the most effective strategies for locating your AirPods, even if they are no longer functional. Let’s get down to business:

How to Find AirPods When They’re Dead

Making use of the “Find My” app is the most efficient (and hence the only completely effective) method of locating your misplaced AirPods.

Utilizing GPS, the Find My app can pinpoint the position of one or both of the earphones that have been removed from the case. When using Bluetooth data, the app can pinpoint the location to within about 20 metres of the earbuds’ location.

How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline Or Dead

I think it’s vital to point out that the Find My app works best when you’re hunting for your AirPods independently from their case, which means that one or both earbuds have gone missing outside of the case.

When using the Find My app, you can still (supposedly) locate your AirPods within their charging case, but only if the software remembers where they were the last time you used them.

The fact that the Find My app is intended to locate devices that are not completely dead should not be overlooked.

When your AirPods are fully charged and within range (30-50ft), the Find My app will even allow you to play a sound via your AirPods to make it easier to locate them in the future!

When your AirPods aren’t charged, the app isn’t nearly as effective. Despite the fact that this is true, the Find My feature is still your best bet for locating your misplaced or dead AirPods.

If They’re Still In Bluetooth Range 

If your AirPods died near to your phone, such as inside your home, the Find My app will provide you with the last known position of where they were when they died.

Unless you have some naughty family members, there’s no reason why your AirPods would have moved since they died; they should still be in the same location as when they were first purchased.

The Find My app can help you track down your AirPods’ most recent position; if they were lost, you should be able to locate and retrieve them within a few of minutes.

If They’re Not In Bluetooth Range

If you are aware that your AirPods are both damaged,

Dead, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

More than 150 feet away from you is considered a long distance.

The Find My app will have less accurate data than usual, making it a bit more harder to track down your loved ones.

The Find My app may still be useful, but it works best if the AirPods are within a reasonable distance of your phone when they stop functioning. As a result, your Find My app will still have some semi-relevant information for you to work with.

So, how do you go about locating them?

Simply said, it’s time to start making educated guesses. Make a thorough search of your mind for the location of where you could have misplaced them.

Using that information in conjunction with whatever data your Find My app has available should be sufficient to get you close to locating them.

I understand that this is not what you wanted to hear, but your possibilities for locating a pair of deceased AirPods are really limited. Finding a pair of AirPods that has stopped working is a difficult process. It’s not an insurmountable problem, but it’s also not a problem with simple solutions.

Retrace Your Steps

I’m sure the last thing you want to hear after losing your AirPods is the phrase “retrace your steps,” but it could be your best option at this point.

Take a deep breath and think about the last time you were convinced that you were wearing or seeing your AirPods for a few moments.

What is the most likely location in which you would have placed them? Take a look there. Take a look all around you, beneath you, and beside you. Things should be moved about to check whether they have fallen into a crack or a corner.

If you are unable to locate your AirPods in this location, take a seat and reconsider your options. Relive the precise events and sequences that you captured when you were last in possession of them. Look for it once again.

At the very least, you should repeat this procedure multiple times.

During my personal experience, my AirPods are 9 times out of 10 found in the pockets of my gym shorts after a workout. So be sure to check all of your pockets and soiled garments before you go!

Never Losing Your AirPods Again

Tip #1: Make Sure Your “Find My” App is Set Up

Every time you misplace one of your Apple devices, the “Find My” app will be essential in helping you locate it.

If you have the app set up and your devices linked, you will be able to find them quickly and effectively if you misplace them at your home or office.

Even if your AirPods are no longer functional, you’ll be able to locate them using the Find My app’s last known position to locate them.

The search for your lost AirPods will be nothing more than a treasure hunt with no promises or clues, which will be neither enjoyable nor productive until you use this app.

Opening the Find My app on your phone and following these steps will get you started with the app for the first time:

  • Allow “Find My” to use your location.
  • Press Continue.
  • Tap “Devices” on the bottom menu.
  • All of the devices connected to your Apple ID should be automatically visible.

Get an AirTag and Compatible Charging Case Cover for Your AirPods

How To Find Lost AirPods That Are Offline Or Dead

If you locate your AirPods and want to make sure you never lose them again, whether they are dead or alive, consider purchasing an Apple AirTag from Amazon for around $20.

When it comes to the Find My app, AirTags function in the same way as any other device: a Bluetooth connection is formed, which enables a relatively precise position for the AirTag to be used with the app.

Although there are some similarities, there are also significant variations between AirTags and the Find My Connection feature on other Apple devices:

  • If your AirPods have died, you will only be able to view the “last known position” of them in the Find My app if they have died. Only if the AirPods have enough battery life left to monitor them can you actively track them.AirTags are equipped with a battery that lasts around a year.
  • AirTags depend on a worldwide network of Apple devices (although anonymously and very securely) to deliver location data, regardless of where the AirTag is located on the planet. It can be located if it is within Bluetooth range of any Find My-connected Apple device anywhere on the planet.

That means a $30 AirTag may pay for itself over and over again on any gadget or item you own, making it an excellent investment. Indeed, they’re being used to track down stolen bicycles!

To prevent losing your AirPods if you have discovered them, get an AirTag and an AirPods case from Amazon that can accommodate one. You will not be disappointed! It will cost you around $40, but it will save yourself a lifetime of headaches and worry.

Video Guide

Can You Track Dead AirPods in the Find My App?

If your AirPods have died, you will only be able to view the “last known position” of them in the Find My app if they have died. Only if the AirPods have enough battery life left to monitor them can you actively track them.

Can You Track AirPods in the Charging Case?

Unfortunately, if your AirPods are still in their charging case, you will not be able to follow them actively. The only way for them to connect to your phone (and hence create a Bluetooth connection that the Find My app may exploit) is if they are not in their case.
It is important to note that when your AirPods are in their charging case, they are not linked to Bluetooth and their location is not being updated.
There is just one exception to this rule, and that is the AirPods Max, which can retain a connection for up to 12 hours when stored in their Smart Case.
Until you can locate your misplaced AirPods in their case, you’ll have to make do with whatever information the Find My app has on them, which may or may not be useful.
It is also possible that the Find My app may not display a location at all — in certain circumstances, the app will simply state “offline” or “No location detected.” This means that the Find My app does not have any useful information on your AirPods, making it much more difficult to locate them.

Wrapping Up: Locating Dead AirPods

Locating a pair of AirPods with a dead battery is neither simple nor straightforward. If you lose track of where your AirPods were last seen, you’ll have to depend on your memory as well as the Find My app’s last known position to locate them.

Providing you are patient, willing to look thoroughly, and refrain from panicking, you will be able to locate them (and finally will).

In addition, if at all possible, get an AirTag and keep it with your AirPods. That way, you’ll never have to guess where they’re hiding out again!

What ways for locating misplaced AirPods have you found to be effective? Leave your opinions in the comments section below so that other people might benefit from them!

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