How To Enable HDMI ARC On Samsung TV

While inexpensive HDMI cables on Amazon are quickly becoming a regular means to connect home entertainment sound and video systems, many people struggle to achieve the optimum sound and video quality from their systems due to mismatched audio equipment. But how to activate HDMI ARC on Samsung TV?

Using the HDMI ARC channel on your Samsung TV should function after you connect your audio HDMI source or home theatre to your Samsung soundbars as an output. Only use your Samsung TV ARC while not utilising a Samsung soundbar or AVR.

In such scenario, you must follow the instructions below to allow your Samsung TV to produce sound through HDMI ARC-enabled speakers.

Activating ARC Channel On Samsung TV.

Home Button: To activate your Samsung TV’s HDMI ARC port, open the home button on your TV using a remote control or manually navigate the settings tab.

Samsung Settings Tab: Your settings should give you a laundry of optional settings, including Samsung TV sound output settings.

Samsung TV Sound Settings: Inside your Samsung TV Sound Output, you will see sound output options and speaker settings, which you must now go ahead and select a designated receiver in this case, it will be your HDMI ARC enabled speakers you see from the dropdown list. Once again, the steps to set up your Samsung TV HDMI ARC are: 

  • Open The Home
  • Navigate To Settings
  • Select Sound
  • Navigate to Speaker Settings
  • Select Your Receiver HDMI ARC from the list.

HDMI ARC, Do You Really Need It?

HDMI ARC is a current clean and cable management connection technology utilised by most sound devices and projectors to eliminate clutter.

The Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a channel that allows sound to be transferred from a smart TV to a sound device and back to the transmitter utilising HDMI authorised cords.

The Audio Return Channel in Samsung TVs is just there to minimise the amount of cords between your external home theatre and TV. The sound quality is excellent since the sound signal is passed between the speakers.

Once you have an HDMI ARC, there is no need for a second optical/audio cable to connect to the speaker.

To connect an ARC speaker to your TV, you must need an HDMI cable 1.4 or above. This HDMI ARC technology is generally accessible on the TV via a special connector, and the external speakers must be compatible. To use the HDMI ARC controls, you must first alter the settings of your external speakers.

How to enable HDMI ARC on Samsung TV?

  • First, prepare an HDMI cable.
  • Second, connect the wire to the TV’s HDMI IN (ARC)
    Third, let the speaker’s HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) connector connect.
  • Also, turn on the TV’s speakers.
  • Finally, the external speakers will play TV sound.

The Samsung TV, home theatre system, and soundbar all come with Anynet Plus (HDMI CEC) pre-activated. If your device isn’t made by Samsung, ensure sure Anynet + (HDMI-CEC) is enabled.

This is vital if the smart TV is to utilise eARC. To avoid errors, the cables used must be permitted. On most TVs, it’s the third HDMI-ARC port.

Troubleshooting The Connection Of The HDMI

There may be an issue with the ARC/eARC functioning. To diagnose and resolve this issue, remove any external devices from the TV, including the STB, OTT, and other similar devices, and then retry.

The bottom line is that additional external devices that do not meet the HDMI connection criteria may create issues.

Is It A Must To Have An ARC?

In reality, it is not a huge problem. The function is unusable while utilising the TV’s speakers and without a soundbar or receiver.

Most TVs have poor sound quality, which is why you need to acquire a soundbar to enhance your TV experience. The ARC then delivers the audio made by your TV to an external device, generally a speaker.

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