How to delete characters in Zenith: The Last City

It is essential to play any MMO to be able to create a unique character, and this is true in Zenith: The Last City, a virtual reality MMO developed by Ramen VR. Players spend a significant amount of time with their characters while playing the game. However, some players may choose to experiment with something new or to fix something that has gone wrong, and they may wish to remove their character.

The ability to remove characters from Zenith: The Last City is currently unavailable. Once a character is formed, he or she becomes a permanent member of the Zenith MMO’s universe. Although it may not seem to be a huge concern, character names must be unique and cannot be shared by two separate characters at the same time. Character deletion, on the other hand, is something that is being worked on, according to the unofficial roadmap.

In other words, if you’ve created a character to experiment with, screwed up your character’s build, or been stuck due to a problem, you won’t be able to delete that character and reclaim the name. So use extreme caution while creating a character, and be certain that it is the persona you choose.

Because Zenith MMO is still in early access, it’s normal that certain features aren’t available yet. Since its introduction, Ramen VR has been very communicative and has been continuously striving to develop the game; thus, stay tuned for more information on character deletion!

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