How to Connect Roku Stick to WiFi Without Remote ?

Is your Roku remote control missing? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to connect a Roku stick to WiFi without a remote control. Is it possible that it was harmed for unknown reasons? Take your Roku streaming stick and portable wi-fi with you on vacation, but don’t use it because you don’t have the control. Oh my God!

How can we get around this? Fortunately, the answer is yes!

Roku is clever and has cleverer solutions. It’s possible to use your Roku without the use of a remote.

The Roku TV and subsequent models are not exempt from this rule. The Roku Ultra is the only device that sticks out. Because Wi-Fi is used in all other versions save this one.

It is possible to connect Roku to WiFi even with a different remote. Connecting your Roku device to a new wireless network is tough if you don’t have a remote control.

Pre-Requisites Needed to Connect Roku to WiFi Without Remote

There are two essential pre-requisites for the wise alternate to work:

  • You need to have two mobile phones.
  • You need to know the name and password of the WiFi network saved on your Roku device.

Once you’ve ensured both, let’s get moving to see how to connect Roku to WiFi without a remote.

Understand how the process works; you will be using a mobile phone (one of the two) as a mobile hotspot, while the other will work as a make-do remote.

Setting up the Mobile Hotspot

Before you start using your phone as a mobile hotspot, be sure your wireless service plan supports it. Because not all phone plans provide this function.

If your plan does not include this function, you may have to pay extra to set up a mobile hotspot.

Assured, proceed as follows:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Enable mobile hotspot.
  • Set up Mobile Hotspot‘ This step varies for each Android variant.
  • A warning about mobile data consumption will appear. Tap OK to go.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password that your Roku device previously recorded. You could be prompted for more wi fi network details. Fill ’em.
  • Next, save your changes. A new mobile hotspot is born.
    Hit OK. This turns on the mobile hotspot.

With this, you’re halfway across the process to connect Roku to WiFi without a remote. Let’s move over to the next half.

Setting up the Roku Remote

Keep your first phone with the hotspot switched on aside and continue these steps:

Take your second phone and link it to the freshly created mobile hotspot. This is vital. The Roku mobile app cannot be used as a remote unless both the device and the second phone are connected to the same network.

  • Now get the Roku app from the Play Store.
  • App launch.
  • Tap the remote symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • A remote with the same layout as the hardware remote will emerge. You may use it as a real remote.
  • On the App’s remote layout, you may utilise swipes instead of buttons. Change the settings on the remote.

Connect Roku to WiFi Without Remote – Final Step

You’re almost there:

Navigate the Roku device linked to your TV or Roku TV using the Roku App.

  • Opt-in to the Networking window
  • Change the network settings on the Roku device to connect to the WiFi network you want to utilise.
  • Take a deep breath and connect your smartphone to the closest WiFi network.
  • Disable mobile hotspot on the first phone.
  • You’ve now linked Roku to WiFi without a remote. And a new WiFi network!

Relax now and utilise the Roku app as your control. Use it to explore the Roku device or Roku TV just like a standard remote.

Remember that the Roku mobile app disconnects after 5 minutes of inactivity. So, while using the Roku app, choose the optimal battery option. You will use less battery.

Roku App

Now that you’re on board, let’s see what the Roku App can do for you.

With the Roku App, you may access many Roku services. The remote icon allows you to use the App as a remote.

The screen-mirroring function on Roku TV allows you to share photos on a TV. Voice search and private listening are now available through the App.

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