How To Clear The Clipboard On Mac

Clearing the clipboard on a Mac helps to free up memory while also preventing secret or sensitive information from being exposed to the public. The following are the procedures to follow in order to clear the clipboard on your Mac.

Clear Clipboard On Mac

When you copy or cut anything on a Mac, the data is always accessible on the clipboard, even after you have pasted the data into another application.

A huge quantity of data or a high-resolution picture on the clipboard eats RAM, which might cause your surfing performance on a Mac to be significantly slowed.

Another issue with the clipboard retaining the most recently copied data is that sensitive or secret information might stay accessible in the clipboard after it has been deleted.

Fortunately, the clipboard on a Mac can only hold one object at a time, which enables you to swiftly erase sensitive or personal information from the clipboard by copying something else from the desktop or another application.

Copying a short textual data file overwrites all of the data already saved in the clipboard, freeing up RAM and increasing browsing performance.

Restarting your Mac or using the Terminal to clear the contents of your clipboard may also be used to totally remove the contents of your clipboard if necessary.

1. Clear Clipboard on Mac Using Data Replacement

Follow the steps below to replace the existing clipboard data with small textual data.

  • Text documents may be opened with only one letter or one word typed in (such as “C” for “Clear“).
  • Press Command+C on your Mac’s keyboard after selecting the Word with your mouse.
How To Clear The Clipboard On Mac
  • The word “Clear” will be copied to the Clipboard and will take the place of any prior data in the Clipboard.
  • By hitting Command+V, you may see whether the data in your clipboard has been cleared and replaced with the word “clear“.

2. Completely Clear Clipboard Using Terminal

Restarting your computer or utilising the command line may also be used to entirely wipe your Mac’s clipboard.

In the next example, we’ll look at the contents of the Clipboard and clear it using the Terminal on a Mac.

  • The Finder Menu will appear if you click on any blank place on your Mac’s desktop.
  • In the Finder’s Edit menu, choose Show Clipboard.
How To Clear The Clipboard On Mac

In order to view what’s presently in your Clipboard, click on this button.

  • To accomplish this, go to the Go tab and choose the Utilities option from the drop down menu.
How To Clear The Clipboard On Mac
  • On the next screen, click on the Terminal Icon.
How To Clear The Clipboard On Mac

Type pbcopy /dev/null in the terminal and click Enter on your Mac’s keyboard.

How To Clear The Clipboard On Mac
  • After this, take a look at the open Clipboard Window, you will find that it has been completely cleared and there is no data in the Clipboard window.

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