How To Clean a Laptop Touchpad – 7 Steps

Isn’t it true that everyone knows how to clean the touchpad on a laptop? Cleansing your laptop and its touchpad should be a straightforward process, as you may imagine.

And we have to confess that this is really comparable to cleaning any other electronic item, including smartphones. The problem with cleaning a laptop touchpad, on the other hand, stems from a lack of understanding.

Because people are aware of how to properly clean it. Their only problem is that they are unsure of which cleaning product to use. Fortunately, we will be covering all of the ins and outs of cleaning the touchpad on a laptop in this article to help you out.

How to Clean Touchpad on Laptop – 7 steps

How To Clean a Laptop Touchpad

Required Things

  • A dry cloth
  • A damp cloth (cotton cloth or paper towel)
  • Cotton swabs
  • 50% Isopropyl alcohol solution
  • Window or glass cleaner
  • Water

Cleaning your touchpad is now as simple as wiping it down with a dry towel, as you would normally do. A moist cloth, on the other hand, will accomplish the job better.

You may also clean the touchpad with water if necessary. A solution of 50 percent to 70 percent isopropyl alcohol would be ideal for disinfecting the touchpad, on the other hand.

If you don’t have access to one of these, you may use any glass or window cleaner cleaning chemical to accomplish the same result.

You may clean the touchpad with paper towels if necessary. In this particular instance, cotton cloth might be preferable. In addition, cotton swabs will only be required if there is a very little quantity of greasy filth on the touchpad surface.

How To Clean a Laptop Touchpad

Now that you know what are the things you will need, let’s learn how to perform the cleaning process.

Steps to follow to clean your touchpad on laptop

Step #1

First and foremost, if your laptop has not already been turned off, you should do so. Also, please disconnect the laptop if it is currently being charged so that it may be recharged later. Even better, if at all feasible, you should remove the battery from the system.

Step #2

Take a piece of moist cloth, or dampen the cloth with a little amount of water, and wipe the surface of the table. You should wring the cloth to get rid of any surplus water if there is any excess water.

Step #3

After you have dabbed away the excess water, you may begin to wipe the touchpad using the wet cloth you previously used. Make sure to use caution while you’re cleaning it. Keep in mind not to press too hard, since this might cause harm to the touchpad.

Furthermore, if there is an excessive amount of water in the towel, your touchpad or keyboard may be harmed. As a result, constantly make an effort to eliminate excess water.

Step #4

If the touchpad is still unclean, you may wet a clean cloth with the isopropyl or rubbing alcohol solution and wipe it over the touchpad. You may also use a glass cleaner cleaning agent in place of the dishwashing liquid.

Afterwards, attempt to thoroughly wipe the trackpad on your laptop once again. By this point, all remaining dirt should have been removed, and the touchpad should have been cleaned as well.

How To Clean a Laptop Touchpad

Many laptop makers, on the other hand, do not advocate using any cleaning chemical to clean the touchpad on your laptop. Apple is one of the companies that advises against the use of any cleaning solution on its products.

Step #5

You can also use the cotton swab to remove any hard dirt around the trackpad during this time.

Step #6

At this point, you must take a dry towel and softly clean the touchpad to complete the task. In order for the touchpad to get dry as rapidly as possible. To dry the touchpad in this case, you may use any paper towel that you have lying around the house.

Step #7

Wait until the touchpad area has fully dried before continuing. Check to see whether the surface has dried completely. Start the laptop only after you have made certain that the touchpad is completely dry. Now, check to see whether the touchpad on your laptop is operational or inoperative.

Tips to Keep in Mind before Cleaning the Touchpad of your Laptop

How To Clean a Laptop Touchpad
  • It is not recommended to pour or spray any liquid straight onto the touchpad of your computer’s laptop. Pour the cleaning chemical or water onto the cloth first, as is always the case. After that, squeeze the towel to get rid of any excess water.
  • It is not recommended to clean the laptop while it is connected to a computer. You run the risk of spilling any liquid on your laptop, which might cause it to malfunction.
  • It is also possible to wipe the touchpad using the well-known ‘Mr. Clean Magic Eraser’ if the touchpad has gotten very greasy.
  • It’s important to remember that the touchpad on your laptop is quite sensitive. As a result, do not use excessive force while cleaning it.
  • If your laptop’s touchpad continues to malfunction even after you’ve cleaned it, it’s likely that it has been damaged. As a result, you should call a laptop service shop or, if feasible, ship the laptop to the manufacturer for repair.
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