How To Charge Your Vape Battery Without a Charger

So if you want to learn all about how to overcome your missing vape charger, then you’re in the right place.

Charging Your Vape Battery Without a Charger?

Almost every vape you can purchase, with the exception of disposable models, will come with a charger, which allows you to recharge the batteries of the device when they run out of power.

However, whether the charger has been lost, damaged, or is otherwise unavailable, there may be times in which your vape’s batteries have run out of juice and you are unable to recharge them because you do not have the proper charger on hand.

If, as the adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” it is surely feasible to recharge most sorts of vapes even if you don’t have the appropriate charger on hand.

In this post, we’ll look at every option you have for charging your vape without the use of a charger, so keep reading.

1. Use a Phone Charger

How To Charge Your Vape Battery Without a Charger

Fortunately, if your vape is equipped with a micro-USB charging port, which is common among vapes, you’re in luck. Micro-USB chargers are widely accessible, and the vast majority of individuals will have at least one of them laying around the home someplace at any one time.

Despite the fact that the charger was not primarily built for charging vapes, it will perform well in this capacity. A major drawback is that many rechargeable vape models do not come equipped with micro-USB charging connectors, which is a disappointment.

A micro-USB charging connector is commonly found on the back of box mods, however many rechargeable vape pens, such as the JUUL and Vuse vape pens, have a proprietary charging connection that cannot be charged using a micro-USB charger.

In the same way, not every phone charger you may be able to get your hands on will be a micro-USB charger, and vice versa. Back in the day, micro-USB chargers were the de facto standard for charging cell phones. The good news is that nowadays, many smartphone models come with a variety of different charging connectors, such as lightning ports in the case of iPhones and USB-C ports in the case of many recent Android models.

If, on the other hand, the stars align and you happen to possess a vape that has both a micro-USB charging port and a micro-USB phone charger, then charging your vape using a phone charger is a basic and quick task to complete.

2. Use a Portable Power Bank

How To Charge Your Vape Battery Without a Charger

A portable power bank is a gadget that allows you to recharge your electronic devices while on the move. Their primary use is to act as a huge battery on their own, with charging connectors supplied that enable you to connect them to a range of different devices.

As long as one of those wires is a micro-USB cable—and as long as your vape has a micro-USB charging port—plugging your vape into a portable power bank should be sufficient to do the task. If your vape doesn’t seem to be charging when you connect it into a portable power bank, it’s possible that the power bank has run out of battery power as a result.

Portable power banks do not last indefinitely and must be recharged on a regular basis to function properly. Some of the more costly versions will inform you how much power the power bank has left to supply, but this is not the case with all of the models on the market.

3. Plug Your Vape Into a Desktop or Laptop

How To Charge Your Vape Battery Without a Charger

In the event that you still have the charging cable for your vape but have lost the brick to which the cable attaches, you will not be able to charge your vape using a conventional electrical outlet; however, you will be able to charge it by putting the cable into any device that has a USB port.

Laptops, desktop computers, and gaming consoles all include USB ports that are capable of charging any vape device, provided that you have the proper charging connection.

Please keep in mind that if you are using a laptop that is not plugged in to charge your vape in this way, the battery of your laptop may deplete a bit faster as a result of this.

4. Use an External Battery Charger

How To Charge Your Vape Battery Without a Charger

When it comes to rechargeable vape pens, such as those made by JUUL, the batteries are hardwired into the device’s internal components and are not intended to be removed. When it comes to these gadgets, an external battery charger will not be of any use. The majority of box mods, on the other hand, are powered by normal AA batteries that can be quickly and readily removed.

As long as your mod is equipped with rechargeable batteries—and most mods will come out of the box with batteries that are meant to be recharged—you may charge the batteries in your vaporizer by connecting it to an external battery charger. In fact, utilising an external battery charger for recharging a mod’s batteries is highly advised since it might assist to extend the battery’s life.

If you don’t happen to have an external battery charger on hand, you may purchase one from a retailer. This is a gadget that is available at the majority of vape stores. Due to the fact that external battery chargers are not vape-specific products, you should be able to buy them from nearly any electronics shop.

5. Replace Your Mods Batteries

How To Charge Your Vape Battery Without a Charger

If you’ve misplaced the charger for a mod that use detachable batteries, charging the batteries using an external battery charger isn’t the only option you have for restoring power to the mod. As previously stated, the majority of box mods are powered by regular AA batteries, while some may also be powered by other kinds of batteries.

While the cells that come pre-installed in your mod are very certainly of the rechargeable form, non-rechargeable batteries will work just as well if you chance to have the proper type on hand. If you’re in a hurry, replacing your mod’s batteries every time they go dead isn’t the most cost-effective method, but it will do the trick as a temporary remedy in a need.

If you do change the batteries in your mod with ordinary, non-rechargeable batteries, bear in mind that putting your mod back into its charger if you chance to locate it again will have no effect on the mod’s operation. With this being the case, it’s a good idea to keep your mod’s rechargeable batteries on hand so that you can swap them back in again whenever you find your charger.

6. Charge Your Vape With a DIY Charger

This is when things start to get a bit complicated. It’s possible to make a charging cable work if you already have one, but it doesn’t have the appropriate adaptor to enable it to be connected into your vaporizer. A little bit of DIY engineering will let you to make the charging cable work.

The procedure for charging a vape in this way varies depending on the sort of vape you are charging, therefore we will look at how to charge three distinct types of vapes using a DIY charger: e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and e-liquids.

  • Vape mods
  • Recharagable vape pens (like JUULs)
  • Disposable vape pens

When it comes to charging a vape, the initial few steps are the same, no matter what kind of device you have. Chargers with USB-C or lightning ports will function just as well as those with micro-USB connectors for this strategy. Your charger should work well as long as you have a USB adaptor on the other end. Remove the end of the charger designed to be inserted into your phone or other device using a pair of scissors next.

A craft knife or other sharp blade may be used to remove around two inches of insulation from the end that was cut. Both the red and black wires should be visible now. Once you’ve found these two wires, take a knife to them and remove the insulation to reveal the copper wiring below. The DIY charger is now ready for usage after completing all of the above steps.

Simply put the exposed red and black wires into the JUUL’s outermost slots to charge it with this DIY charger. The bottom of your JUUL should have four golden holes if you look down. Place your JUUL on a flat surface and put the exposed wires into the outermost holes, ignoring the two inside slots. Despite the fact that this DIY charger may be used to charge the batteries in a box mod, we have to be honest and state that the work is not worth it.

Once again pushing the black wire against the negative terminal and the red wire against the positive terminal, you will need to charge each battery separately to use this technique of charging a box mod. It is impossible for this to be the most efficient method of charging a box mod due to the high power consumption of four batteries in a box mod. Even if you’re desperate, it’s possible to get your hands on some.

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