How To Change Display Name In Valorant

When other players engage with you while playing the game, they will be able to identify you by your display name, which is the name that you have chosen for yourself. In the game, this is the only manner by which others will be able to distinguish you from other players, hence it is a vital component of your overall identity in the game. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in the situation of having to change your display name, this article will guide you through the procedure in a straightforward manner.

How to Set your Valorant name

How To Change Display Name In Valorant

When you first run Valorant after creating your account, you’ll be prompted to choose a display name for your account.

Any display name will be accessible, and unless your display name is unique, you will be allocated a random tag line that will be associated with your name. In the event that you have the original username, you will be assigned a region as your tagline, for example: Dexerto#NA1.

How to change your Valorant name

How To Change Display Name In Valorant

The following methods will allow you to adjust your Valorant name for free if you don’t like the name you picked when you first began playing, or if you have changed your mind.

Valorant should be shut down (if you have it open)

  • Access your Riot account by entering your username and password.
  • Navigate to the Riot ID section.
  • To edit your Valorant’s name, click on the pen next to his or her name.
  • Change the name of your Valorant to whatever you like and add a catchy slogan if necessary.
  • Remember that you may only modify your Valorant’s name once a month, so make sure you spell it correctly. After that, you may reopen Valorant, and it should be immediately updated with the latest version.
How To Change Display Name In Valorant

How much does it cost to change your Valorant name?

You will not be required to invest a single cent in order to change your Valorant name. Most League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra gamers will take some solace in the fact that this has happened.

The one-month cooldown period is the only thing that prevents you from changing your username as much as you like (and your creativity).

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